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    Cheers & Lyrics

    Be sure to check out the tradition of Cheermaster and Anti-Cheermaster.

    Alma Mater
    (Download MP3)

    Here where spangled wildernesses
    Robed the fountains of the west,
    Where the savage strife and stresses
    Brought the settlers' crimson quest:
    Land of legend, glory, graces,
    Gypsy tide and toiling shore,
    'Mid thy hilltops, Alma Mater,
    Stands enthroned for ever more.
    All hail Carnegie, Alma Mater,
    Stands enthroned for ever more!

    CMU Fight Song
    (Download MP3)

    Fight for the glory of Carnegie!
    Fight for the glory of the clan!
    Let your eyes be ever on the Tartan bright,
    As we stand united, every man -
    Fight! Fight! Fight!
    Fight, ev'ry loyal son of Skibo,
    Fight till we win the victory!
    The Kilties are coming, hurray! Hurray!
    The Kilties are coming, they'll win today,
    For they're fighting for the glory of Carnegie.

    Dear Old Tech
    (Download MP3)

    Dear old Tech - Carnegie Tech,
    It's the best of all the schools I ever knew.
    Dear old Tech - Carnegie Tech,
    Where every single fellow is true blue,
    When I go a-strolling out through Schenley (Schenley),
    Tech's the only place that takes my eye,
    And when I'm far away from Pittsburgh,
    I'll remember you, Tech, till I die.

    Skibo Song
    (Download MP3)

    Wherever we go, whatever we do,
    We'll always have a thought for you,
    Skibo! Skibo!
    The days we spend at CIT will ever in our memories be,
    Skibo! Skibo!
    And when we go to face the world and start on our careers,
    Our ears will still be ringing with those good old Tartan cheers,
    With a C-A-R-N-E-G-I-E Tech!
    Carnegie Tech!

    Ye Olde CIT Cheer
    (Download MP3)

    E to the x, dy dx,
    E to the y, dy,
    Tangent, secant, cosine, sine,
    Square root, cube root, log of e,
    Water-cooled slipstick, C I T!

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