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    Holiday Concert
    Thursday December 1st, 2016
    Kirr Commons, CUC

    Mid Winter Concert
    Thursday March 2nd, 2017
    Rangos Hall, CUC

    Spring Carnival Concert
    Thursday April 20th, 2017
    CFA Lawn

    2016 Kiltie Band Officers

    Director for Life
    Paul Gerlach

    Jordan Stapinski

    Vice President for Marching Band
    Rebecca Jesurum

    Vice President for Concert Band
    Jacqueline Lewis

    Vice President for Public Relations
    Cayla Wanderman-Milne

    Elyce Milligan

    Michael Spoerl


    Officer History

    President: Tess Harty
    VP Marching: Jordan Stapinski
    VP Concert: Stephanie O'Neil
    VP Public Relations Cayla Wanderman-Milne
    Secretary: Elyce Milligan
    Librarian: Michael Spoerl

    President: Archit Amal Sahay
    VP Marching: Gwen Jones
    VP Concert: Stephanie O'Neil
    VP Public Relations Robert Maratos
    Secretary: Stephanie Patterson
    Librarian: Tess Harty

    President: Carl Glazer
    VP Marching: Veronica Ebert
    VP Concert: Gwen Jones
    VP Public Relations: Archit Sahay
    Secretary: Grace Moraca
    Librarian: Erin Balke

    President: Lisa Cherkasskey and Ryan Black
    VP Marching: Carl Glazer
    VP Concert: Rebecca Wells
    VP Public Relations: Jessica Phoa
    Secretary: Karl Destefano
    Librarian: Veronica Ebert

    President: Dylan Mori
    VP Marching: Gerry Carlson
    VP Concert: Marina Parra
    VP Public Relations: Karina Chow
    Secretary: Rebecca Wells
    Librarian: Lias Cherkasskey

    President: Sarah Benjamin
    VP Marching: Patrick White
    VP Concert: Bradley Jamison
    VP Public Relations: Daniel Becerra
    Secretary: Dylan Mori
    Librarian: Marrina Parra

    President: Brian Manning
    VP Marching: Ben Matzke
    VP Concert: Sarah Benjamin
    VP Public Relations: Daniel Becerra
    Secretary: Brian Zakrzewski
    Librarian: Kristen Minno

    President: David Kinskey-Lebeda
    VP Marching: Dina Machin
    VP Concert: Brian Gaudio
    VP Public Relations: Daniel Pehush
    Secretary: Brian Manning
    Librarian: Nam-Phuong Cong-Huyen

    President: Erica Dorfman
    VP Marching: Jeffrey Panza
    VP Concert: Elyse Coletta & Dina Machin
    VP Public Relations: Daniel Pehush
    Secretary: David Kinskey-Lebeda
    Librarian: Nick Alfeo

    President: Laurel Farmer
    VP Marching: Sean Gilroy
    VP Concert: Erica Dorfman
    VP Public Relations: Colin Taylor
    Secretary: Jesse Guss
    Librarian: Kim Parks

    President: Katie Strausser
    VPs Marching: Laurel Farmer, Sean Gilroy
    VP Concert: Caitlin Weigand
    VP Public Relations: Colin Taylor
    Secretary: Anand Boscha
    Librarian: Jesse Guss

    President: Dave Rollinson
    VP Marching: Jim Puls
    VP Concert: Doug Applegate
    VP Public Relations: Katie Strausser
    Secretary: Caitlin Weigand
    Librarian: Linda Williams

    Know who the officers were before the ones listed here?

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