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    Kiltie Band Constitution

    1. Membership

      Membership is open to all members of the campus/community without audition. Participants must do their best to promote the success of the ensemble through attendance, attitude, and dependability.

    2. Executive Board

      The executive board shall consist of all elected officers, one alumnus/alumna (appointed by the band director) and the band director. They shall meet on a consistent basis to resolve current tasks regarding band logistics.

    3. Offices

      1. President
        1. act as official representative of the band
        2. relate to and communicate with the band director
        3. communicate with the administration
        4. communicate with Student Senate and represent the band at any budget hearings
        5. to work with the band director to maintain expenditures within budget limits
        6. to efficiently coordinate and delegate tasks of officers
        7. to authorize, in accordance with the band director, expenditures

      2. Vice President for Marching Band
        1. transport the conducting ladder to and from dress rehearsals and game performances
        2. transport the portable public address system to and from all rehearsals
        3. line seating areas for the Kiltie Band and visiting ensembles
        4. greet visiting bands and help arrange parking of their busses
        5. see to it that script gets to public address announcer
        6. open and close band room 20 minutes prior to or after any performance or rehearsal
        7. in conjunction with Vice President for Concert Band, properly issue and maintain the complete band uniform, this includes neat organization after each performance
        8. make all arrangements for the annual banquet

      3. Vice President for Concert Band
        1. set up the rehearsal room so that it is ready at least 15 minutes prior to starting time, this includes includes transporting all stands, chairs , music and percussion equipment
        2. set up any performance site so that it is ready at least 15 minutes prior to starting time, this includes all stands, chairs, music and percussion equipment
        3. make all necessary arrangements and handle sales of the annual band photograph
        4. in conjunction with the Vice President for Marching Band properly issue and maintain the complete band uniform, this includes neat organization after each performance
        5. take orders for, purchase and distribute soft drinks after half-time performances

      4. Vice President for Public Relations
        1. edit and publish at least 4 editions of the Kiltie Band Newsletter
        2. coordinate the painting of the fence prior to Spring Carnival
        3. coordinate the conception, production and sales of all Kiltie Band T-shirts be it Carnival, Homecoming or general fund raising
        4. organize advertisements of Scatter Show, Holiday and Carnival performances
        5. place any necessary advertisements in the Tartan
        6. authorize, in accordance with the band director, expenditures
        7. coordinate the maintenance and/or perform the maintenance personally of the Kiltie Band website.

      5. Secretary
        1. keep accurate records of attendance
        2. generate an accurate list of those eligible for band jackets, post said list by the end of the school year then pass that information on to the proper person in the Athletic Department for placing order
        3. conceive the 'question of the day' and place responses on b-board
        4. maintain a current inventory
        5. maintain and keep current the band's data base, including roster

      6. Librarian
        1. maintain a current card catalog for both marching and concert band
        2. oversee the placement of music in respective folders
        3. oversee putting away music at the end of the year
        4. issue and collect all marching band music
        5. issue, inventory and collect all flip folders
        6. be ready to supply any student with a missing part

    4. Selection of Drum Major
      1. Selection of a drum major shall be at the discretion of the band director
      2. The band director shall determine the specific duties of the drum major

    5. Election Procedures
      1. Elections shall be held during the last football game of the year
      2. Only current sophomores, juniors or seniors shall be eligible
      3. Nominations for all offices shall be opened two weeks prior to the last home football game
      4. All nominees shall be given the opportunity to present a speech to the band
      5. All voting will be conducted by secret ballot
      6. There will be no proxy voting
      7. The band director shall be in charge of counting the votes
      8. A simple majority is needed for election
      9. A resolution of ties shall be decided by the band director

    6. Succession of Office
      1. If the president resigns the Vice President for Marching Band succeeds followed by the Vice President for Concert Band
      2. All other vacancies shall be filled by consulting election results for next candidate then appointment by band director

    7. Removal of Officer
      1. Any complaints or concerns be they individual or group shall be brought to the attention of the band director
      2. The band director will speak with the particular individual
      3. If the problems continue the officer in question will be asked to resign

    8. Rewards
      1. An invitation to the annual Spring Banquet shall be issued to anyone having one semester of credited service that year
      2. A letter jacket shall be awarded to anyone having four semesters of credited band participation
      3. A credited semester is defined as attendance at 70% of all rehearsals and 100% attendance at performances unless specifically excused by the band director

    9. Amendments
      1. Motions for amendments will be presented to the band for discussion
      2. Amendments will be approved by a two-thirds majority

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