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    Mid Winter Concert
    Monday February 26th, 2018
    Rangos Hall, CUC

    Spring Carnival Concert
    Thursday April 19th, 2018
    CFA Lawn

    Cheermasters & Anti-Cheermasters


    The Kiltie Band has a long tradition of organized cheering in the stands. Every year, the band has a cheermaster, selected from the Trombone section. The cheermaster's job is to select and organize cheers/heckles from the Kiltie Band, drawing from the resource of the hidden and ever secret Cheermaster's Book.

    2017 Michael Spoerl
    2016 Stephanie O'Neil
    2015 Tom Vielott
    2014 Veronica Ebert
    2013 Carl Glazer
    2012 Jerry Carlson
    2011 Patrick White
    2010 Ben Matzke
    2009 Ben Matzke
    2008 Jeffrey Panza
    2007 Jonathan Stahlman
    2006 Laurel Farmer
    2005 Jim Puls
    2004 Jim Puls
    2003 Tim Renshaw
    2002 Mike Beattie
    2001 James Casazza
    2000 James Casazza
    1999 Susie Cribbs
    1998 Brian Magerko
    1997 Brian Magerko
    1996 Tal Latimer
    1995 Rob Harris (Interim Cheermaster)
    1994 Tal Latimer
    1993 Dave Gardner
    1992 Dave Gardner
    1991 Dave Gardner
    1990 Scott Zucker
    1989 Scott Zucker
    1988 Kevin Iadonato
    1987 Kevin Iadonato
    1986 Chris Cronin


    The Kiltie Band also has a short tradition of organized anti-cheering in the stands. For every year the band has a cheermaster selected from the Trombone section, the band has an anti-cheermaster selected from a different section of the band. The anti-cheermaster's job is to select and organize cheers/heckles from the Kiltie Band, drawing from the resource of the widely-published and ever notorious Anti-Cheermaster's Notebook.

    2016 Julian Trulear
    2015 Craig Morley
    2014 Craig Morley
    2013 Daniel Tabrizi
    2012 Benjamin Pattison-Gordon
    2011 Maddie Stearns
    2010 Jason Fishel
    2009 Dina Machin
    2008 Dina Machin
    2007 Jesse Guss
    2006 Jeremy Olisar
    2005 Greg Price
    2004 Greg Price
    2003 Bob Rost
    2002 Dan Fernandez

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