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    Basketball vs. Brandeis
    Friday, 1/12
    Wiegand Gym

    Basketball vs. NYU
    Sunday, 1/14
    Wiegand Gym

    Basketball vs. WashU
    Friday, 2/2
    Wiegand Gym

    Basketball vs. Chicago
    Sunday, 2/4
    Wiegand Gym

    Basketball vs. Rochester
    Friday, 2/16
    Wiegand Gym

    Basketball vs. NYU
    Sunday, 1/14
    Wiegand Gym

    Basketball vs. Emory
    Sunday, 2/18
    Wiegand Gym

    Attendance Policy

    The Kiltie Band is a campus organization recognized by Student Senate and administered by the Office of Student Affairs. Academic credit is not available; the rewards are basically intrinsic.

    The following tangible merits however have been established:

    • An invitation to the Spring Banquet shall be issued to anyone who has completed one full semester in the band during the school year.
    • A CMU letter jacket shall be earned at the conclusion of four complete semesters in the band.

    Attendance Regulations:

    A complete semester is credited to students who:

    • Attend 70% of all scheduled rehearsals, and
    • Attend 100% of performances unless specifically excused by Mr. Gerlach

    Because this is an activity established primarily to provide students an opportunity to participate in music as an alternative to the rigors and pressure of their studies, attendance at rehearsals is somewhat lenient (see above). If you are, due to illness or extreme academic demands, unable to attend rehearsal, you have a 30% "cushion" to work with. One hopes band members will not abuse this policy by just "blowing off" a rehearsal. This in no way adds to the success of the band, rather just the opposite. In order for a non-credit organization like ours to survive, we need a strong and mature commitment from the members. Please remember that the next time you decide not to attend. It shall be the policy of the band that should you be unable to come to rehearsal you must e-mail Mr. Olisar () by 3:30 PM that day.

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