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Astronomy Club

Officers for 2020-21:

To contact a current AstroC officer, please look them up in the CMU Directory.

President Kevin Quigley
Vice President Albert Xu
Treasurer Hannah Varekamp
Secretary Leah Walko
Booth Chairs Sydney 'Scout' Mabry
Scott Alexander
Hannah Varekamp
Albert Xu
Observatory Director(s) Kendall Scarborough

Officer Position Descriptions

As any officer, you will be given a full complement of keys to all of our properties (A301D, A301E, the observatory), as well as be expected to give at least one (1) presentation. Here are the position descriptions as explained by Alex Gurvich:


The president does everything, if they need to. Ultimately, if something doesn't get done (the club doesn't get rerecognized, an email isn't sent out, a purchase isn't made, a trip isn't planned) it's the president's fault. 100% of the time. Sits at the front of the room and runs meetings, finds astronomy news, throws the rod, fills out paperwork/goes to meetings to assure the club's continued existence, is also a booth chair, and is an authorized signer (spend that cash money tho).

Vice President

Flexible position, in the past has been basically a co-presidency (see last year). The vice-president's informal duty has recently included sitting in the front with the president and finding news. Runs the meetings when the president is away (or too busy watching house of cards).


In charge of making the budget, attending the TLC, and making any purchases for the club (t shirts and telescopes mostly). Is also an authorized signer (cash money doe). Pretty straight forward. Former treasurers have been authorized signers for other clubs (and therefore required to go to the TLC anyway).


In charge of sending the emails and monthly newsletters.

Observatory Director

The most free form of the officer positions. Some past observatory directors have used their office to renovate the observatory, replace the telescope, give telescope demonstrations, and be a general all around expert. Other observatory directors have used their powers for evil and made the nice great observatory director change the locks on the observatory. Ostensibly as the observatory director you are a telescope expert who is in charge of everything Kohman Observatory related. There is very little responsibility, and don't let any perceived lack of experience stop you, I had never used a telescope when I became observatory director at my second meeting ever.

Booth Chair

The most thankless of all the officer positions. As the booth chair you go to weekly carnival meetings, are responsible for the making of the plans (in conjunction with the president), the building of the booth, the going to of the trainings, the taking of the watch shifts. etc. etc.

Past Officers Archive:

The (incomplete) historical record of Carnegie Mellon Astronomy Club officers. Compiled from a number of sources, including archived versions of the AstroC website at this address (which was maintained from at least 1995 to 2009, and was defunct from 2010 to May 2015), documents found in the DH A301E closet (Truman's extensive printed email archives, and several lists and references to past officers), references discovered in the Tartan Archives, and the material discovered on the internet in general (some of the oldest history).

Year President VP Treas. Sec. Obs. Dir. Booth Chair Faculty Advisor Events
2020-21 Kevin Quigley Albert Xu Hannah Varekamp Leah Walko Kendall Scarborough Sydney 'Scout' Mabry / Scott Alexander / Hannah Varekamp / Albert Xu Diane Turnshek (Hover)
Year President VP Treas. Sec. Obs. Dir. Booth Chair Faculty Advisor Events
2019-20 Sydney'Scout' Mabry Kevin Quigley Bryan Nowlan Jacob Abrams Scott Alexander / Albert Xu Sydney 'Scout' Mabry / Scott Alexander / Kevin Quigley / Hannah Varekamp Diane Turnshek (Hover)
2018-19 (Cynthia Cano) / Amanda Monteavaro / Scout Mabry (Amanda Monteavaro) Becky Jesurum Dylan "Dylr" Hyun Scout Mabry / Scott Alexander Scott Alexander / Becky Jesurum / Scout Mabry / Amanda Monteavaro Kunal Ghosh / Diane Turnshek (Hover)
2017-18 Michael Perez Joanne Hsueh Brandon Jin Liza Sulkin Cynthia Cano / Amanda Monteavaro Becky Jesurum / Aiko Kyle / Amanda Monteavaro / Michael Spoerl (Hover)
2016-17 Michael Perez Joanne Hsueh John Bostanci Stephanie O'Neil Minghan Chen / Aiko Kyle Luke Kastel / Aiko Kyle / Michael Spoerl
2015-16 Alex Gurvich Michael Perez Michael Knable Stephanie O'Neil Joanne Hsueh / Joseph Kania Bridget Haas / Michael Spoerl
2014-15 Alex Gurvich Joseph Kania Michael Knable Laura Berry Bridget Haas Onyenma Enwereji / Amanda Marano (Hover)
2013-14 Matt Finlay Alex Gurvich Amanda Marano Laura Berry Bridget Haas Matt Finlay / Alex Gurvich / Amanda Marano (Hover)
2012-13 Matt Finlay Maria Khutoretsky Sam Greess Tyson Price Alex Gurvich Matt Finlay (Hover)
2011-12 Matt Finlay Tyson Price Clara Baron-Hyppolite Ruben Tarziu Chris Simundson / Will Gossett Matt Finlay / Tyson Price (Hover)
2010-11 Peter Trocha Andrew Kojzar Neel Shah Ruben Tarziu / Matt Finlay Chris May Rachel Wagner (Hover)
Year President VP Treas. Sec. Obs. Dir. Booth Chair Faculty Advisor Events
2009-10 Sarah Glod Justine Harkness Neel Shah Peter Trocha Andrew Kojzar Rachel Wagner Kunal Ghosh / Diane Turnshek (Hover)
2008-09 Sarah Glod Justine Harkness Michael Rosenman Megan Pancost Su Chen Liu Richard Griffiths (Hover)
2007-08 Colin Taylor Laurie Podskalny Michael Rosenman Storm Walden Maggie Scholtz David Schultz / Justine Harkness / Neel Shah (Hover)
2006-07 Colin Taylor Maggie Scholtz Isaac Brown Storm Walden Su Chen Liu Maggie Scholtz (Hover)
2005-06 Katy McKinney Felix Yip Colin Taylor Maggie Scholtz Julie Yang Colin Taylor Truman Kohman (Hover)
2004-05 Michael Hahn Francesca Reale Katy McKinney Felix Yip Daniel Bock Colin Taylor (Hover)
2003-04 Maria Dumanis Matt Palastro James Levis Wendy Herold Michael Hahn Matt Palastro (Hover)
2002-03 Maria Dumanis Jason Molinero James Levis Francesca Reale Michael Hahn Matt Palastro (Hover)
2001-02 Bryan Clark Maria Dumanis/James Levis Jason Molinero James Levis
2000-01 (Hover)
Year President VP Treas. Sec. Obs. Dir. Booth Chair Faculty Advisor Events
1999-00 Bryan Clark Tom Lauwers Amy Smith Jerry Zhu Truman Kohman
1998-99 Michael O'Kelley Bryan Clark Christina Simone Jerry Zhu (Hover)
1997-98 (Hover)
1996-97 Diego Iglesias?
1995-96 Diego Iglesias Mike Libbon Kenneth Namkung Patrick Karns
1994-95 Maurice Bajcz
1993-94 Maurice Bajcz Gerald Ng
1992-93 David Gardner Barbara Thompson
Year President VP Treas. Sec. Obs. Dir. Booth Chair Faculty Advisor Events
1989-90 Erol Caglarcan Truman Kohman
1988-89 Erol Caglarcan Eric Kushon Bryan Webb Cyle Sprick
1987-88 Erol Caglarcan Larry Griffith Bryan Webb Jude George
1986-87 Brek Miller Bryan Webb Karen Daly Chris Russo (Hover)
1985-86 Brek Miller Bryan Webb Leslie Coryell
1984-85 Brek Miller Mark Mistrik (Fall) Kelli Kallenborn / (Spring) Leslie Coryell
1983-84 (Fall) Richard Bradley / (Spring) Mark Mistrik (Fall) Mark Mistrik / (Spring) Cynthia Taylor (Fall) Cindy Taylor / (Spring) Kelli Kallenborn
1982-83 Jane Charlton John Frost (?) Fred Chabala (?)
1981-82 Fred Chabala John Frost Rich Bradley
1980-81 John Frost Matt King Neil Robbins Fred Chabala
Year President VP Treas. Sec. Obs. Dir. Booth Chair Faculty Advisor Events
1979-80 John Frost Andrew Gault (Hover)
1978-79 John Suhayda Andrew Gault
1977-78 Robert Stockdale
1972-73 Charles Heindrich (unknown officer status) listed as Primary Contact in Tartan ad (Hover)
1970-71 Dale Amon recalled being Pres. ~1971
Year Officer Officer Officer Officer Officer Officer Faculty Advisor Events
1968-69 Dale Amon (unknown officer status) provides first meeting minutes Chuck Bobich (unknown officer status) Mark DiVecchio (unknown officer status) Martin Golden (secretary? took meeting minutes) Greg Walz (unknown officer status) Gary Straus, Vincent Misitano, Art Thomas, Jon Iacovino, Paul Spudich Ronald G. Ostic (left in 1968) (Hover)
1967-68 Gary Straus (unknown officer status) listed as Primary Contact in Tartan ad