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Astronomy Club

Growing slowly: the 1970s

In the 1970s the idea for an observatory was formed. By 1979, AstroC officers had sent out a petition signed by hundreds, and eventually received approval from CMU President Richard Cyert to fund the observatory project.

Diagram of Observatory Plan
The vision for the Truman Kohman Observatory
Space letter
Letter requesting space for the observatory.
1970 Particle Physics lecture
This February 1970 Tartan advertises a lecture hosted by Astronomy Club.
Senate withdrawal of funds
In October 1970 the Senate moved to withdrawal AstroC funds for building a telescope.
Astro History
A January 1973 Tartan history of AstroC.
1973 Feb Ad
A February 1973 Tartan AstroC advertisement.
Mirror Finished
In 1973 Charles Bobich finished the mirror started in 1969.
1978 Budget
The 1978 budget.
1978 Ad
A 1978 AstroC ad in the Tartan.
AstroC Photo
AstroC had group photos taken.
solar eclipse
Truman Kohman gave a presentation on an eclipse.