carnegie mellon

Astronomy Club


> Article I

The name of this club shall be the Astronomy Club, established under the guidance of Carnegie Mellon University.

> Article II

The purpose of the Astronomy Club will be to promote interest in amateur astronomy among students at Carnegie Mellon University and to provide the opportunity for experience and enrichment in the field. All activities and functions of the organization must be legal under University, local, state, and federal laws.

> Article III

Regular meetings shall be held every Friday throughout the school year, subject to change at the discretion of the executive officers and the membership.

> Article IV

> Article V

Officers, their duties and elections: The offices shall consist of: the President, the Vice President, the Secretary, the Treasurer and the Observatory Director. The term of office shall be one year. Elections will be held in the latter part of 2nd semester. Nominations for candidates takes place immediately after the beginning of the meeting elections are set to take place.

Officers are elected individually by position in the order below by a simple majority (51%) of the regular membership in attendance at the meeting where elections are taking place. Candidates are required to give a three minute proposal for their candidacy. Immediately after all candidates for a position have presented their proposals voting commences. Candidates who are not con rmed for a position may submit their candidacy for other positions until they are either elected or all the positions have been fi lled with other candidates.

Impeachment of an officer other than the president must be done with a two thirds majority during a regular meeting with at least fifteen in attendance, including the officer being impeached. A special election must be held during the following meeting to replace the impeached officer. The impeached ocer may run for their position again but must win by a two thirds majority instead of a simple majority; any other candidates only require a simple majority.

Impeachment of the president must also be done with a two thirds majority during a regular meeting with at least fteen, including the president, and the club's current faculty advisor in attendance. Election of a new president is done with a simple majority during the following meeting with the club's advisor in attendance. The impeached president is ineligible to run again.

The role of the officer positions are as follows:

> Article VI

Cancellation of Membership: A majority of the members may revoke the membership of any member who, in their judgment, is not in harmony with the precepts of the organization.

> Article VII

Amendments: This Constitution may be amended at any properly called or published meeting by a two-thirds majority vote of the active members in attendance at such meetings.