carnegie mellon

Astronomy Club


> Club Beginnings: the 1960s

The founding of Astronomy Club — shaping the direction of things to come. Building telescopes from scratch.

> Growing slowly: the 1970s

Building interest in the club, finishing custom telescope projects, coming up with the idea for an observatory

> TKO, Drama, and Excitement: the 1980s

The building of Truman Kohman Observatory, special presentations, and movie screenings

> Cycles of Decline and Rebirth: the 1990s

Waxing and waning interest in the club. The retirement of Truman Kohman in 1990. Fixing up the observatory as it grew older. Buying telescopes, collaborating with SEDS to build a CCD camera

> Maturing into a Stable Org: the 2000s

Stable club membership, first participation in booth/spring carnival. Decline in use of the Truman Kohman observatory toward the end of the decade.

> Expanding the Empire: the 2010s

Revitalizing the observatory. Ambitiously expanding the club budget. Purchasing lots of new telescopes, eyepieces, equipment. Taking regular trips to Allegheny Observatory, NRAO.