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Astronomy Club

TKO, Drama, and Excitement: the 1980s

For the first half of the 1980s, Astronomy Club was consumed with the construction of the Truman Kohman Observatory. Finally in October 1986, the observatory was completed and opened for the first time. The TKO is located in the Penthouse of Scaife Hall. The space was originally used for climate control. When the system was upgraded, room and money where left over to build the observatory.

Diagram of Observatory Plan
The vision for the Truman Kohman Observatory.
Article with funding
Article detailing the constriction of the observatory.
Letter detailing the observatory plans
Letter describing the plans for the observatory space.
Letter from Cyert
Letter from Richard Cyert providing observatory funding.
Superman, the movie thank you.
A 1980 movie veiwing to raise funds for the observatory.
Superman thank you 2
Another 1980 thank you.
Jupiter Presentation
A 1981 presentation by a visiting scientist.
Hill Street Homecoming.
Star party for 1983 homecoming.
Halleys comet
1985 preparations for Halley's comet.
AstroC ad
AstroC ad.
AstroC 1985 ad
AstroC 1985 ad.
High activity of astroc
AstroC gains fame for its activities.