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Astronomy Club

The Carnegie Mellon Astronomy Club

This is the revived homepage for the historic Carnegie Mellon Astronomy Club.

Founded in 1967, we are a diverse group of Carnegie Mellon undergrads, graduate students, and community members who are astronomy and space enthusiasts. We meet throughout the fall and spring semesters, discuss astronomy, take trips to observatories and museums, and go observing whenever we get the chance (admittedly infrequent in cloudy Pittsburgh).

We intend for this page to be a static resource for the CMU Astronomy Club's history, leadership, accomplishments, and other features. We also maintain a Facebook page where we post more photography, general astronomy news, club updates and other info. If you have any questions or if you'd like to be placed on Astronomy Club's d-list (email list), feel free to contact us. Our current officers should be listed on this page. You can look them up in the CMU directory.

For our regular meeting times, and for more specific info about the club, please visit the About page.