v TriPOD | The House | Carnegie Mellon Solar Decathlon 2007

Technology | Plug n' Play

The Core acts as a physical connector for the Pods, yet it is not merely a hallway. Within the upper and lower portions lie the house’s mechanical systems and their distribution channels. In the plenum below the inhabitable space is all the piping and electrical wiring for the home. Through the use of a raised-floor system we have been able to maximize the accessibility and flexibility of these systems, thus allowing an inhabitant to add new circuits, move plumbed fixtures or update old or broken parts easily and efficiently. The upper plenum of the Core, above one’s head, is the distribution and system components for ventilation, heating and cooling. The roof of the Core is used for energy collection, holding the majority of our PV (Solar Panels) and all of our Solar Thermal Collectors.

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