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Local non-profit business Construction Junction has been serving the Pittsburgh community through its efforts to salvage and recycle building materials. Carnegie Mellon’s Solar Decathlon Team has been benefit to their generosity through their donation of a portion of their parking lot and warehouse space for the purposes of building our house. The construction of our house has become a part of Construction Junction’s landscape, prominently displayed adjacent to their facility. Not only do we benefit from the good name and business ethic provided by Construction Junction, we have greater access to the public than were we to build on our campus. As the purpose of the Solar Decathlon competition is to inform and educate the public about living with solar energy, we are pleased to have greater access to the general population. Our daily construction schedule came to include answering questions for curious passersby or updating repeat-customers on our latest installations. Through events held at Construction Junction we were also given the opportunity to hold public tours of the house and further promote knowledge of sustainable living.

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