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History of Freeland, Pa.
Clothing stores

What's on this page:
  • 20th-century clothing stores
  • Clothing stores listed in directories and maps, 1900-1940
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At top left of page is Charlie Coxe's Men's and Boy's Store.

Thanks to Ed Merrick, Emily Pecora, Nancy Remak Penn, John "Zeke" Zurko for expansions and additions.

Note: Women's hat stores are listed under Milliners on the Tailors and Seamstresses page, because women's hats were still often made and sold locally in the early and even mid-20th century.

Ann Louise Dress Shoppe 20th-century clothing stores

Ann Louise Dress Shoppe - 625 Centre St. (ad signed Lou Amentler and Joe Quinn, 1946, and other ads 1947, from Ed Merrick)

Army Navy Store ad Army Navy Store Army Navy Store ad, 1925 Army-Navy Store - 616 Centre St., between Main & Front Streets - Previously, called the Freeland Army, Navy and Sport Store - 447 Centre St. (formerly occupied by J. J. Brobst) - Save 20-40 cents on the dollar (1925 ad) - (early 1960s ad in blue comes to us courtesy of John "Zeke" Zurko)

Isadore Barezofsky - 404 Centre St. - The Model Shop - Topcoats, suits, raincoats (from Ed Merrick, 1926 ad)

Max Besbris clothing store, 1925 ad Max Besbris Clothing - 523 Centre St., between Main & Front Streets - Max Besbris was "shopping in Philadelphia" in 1922 for winter wearing apparel for his store; Men's and boys' clothing, and "Clothing of a finer grade" (1925 ad)

Simon Besbris - 418 Centre St. - Men's and boys' clothing, also women's shoes (1925 ad) 

Miss Carpenter's Ladies' Lingerie - 629 Centre St. (Lavina Carpenter, proprietor) merchant, dress shop, gifts, lingerie (age 45 in 1940 Census)

Charlie Coxe's Men's and Boy's Store Charlie's Men's and Boys' Clothing, 1953 ad Charlie's Men's and Boys' Clothing Store - 623 Centre St. (Charlie Coxe, proprietor, with son Dick Coxe) ('51 Minamek) Charlie's Clothing Store - 623 Centre St., in the former Koons building - Specializing in men's and boys' clothing (1953 ad shown here, along with  photo detail cropped from the one at top left of this page)

Chenetz Men's Store, 1924 ad Chenetz Men's Store - 529 Centre St. (Morris Chenetz, proprietor) merchant, men's clothing store (age 55 in 1940 Census) - "Freeland's leading clothing store" - Suits, overcoats and hats for men and boys (1924 ad at left)

Emil Deddy's Men's Shop Emil Deddy's Men's Shop - 513 Centre St. (Emil Deddy, proprietor; tailoring and men's wear) (from 1986 St. Casimir's booklet via Ed Merrick)

Della Croce Dress Shoppe, 1943 ad Della Croce Dress Shoppe - 419 Centre St. (1943 ad from Ed Merrick)

Dominick Dinovic Work Clothes - 616 Centre St.

Dominic's Children's Clothing - Centre St., between Main & Front Streets

Franklin Shirts ad, 1924 Sam Franklin Shirts - 1131 Birkbeck St. - silks, brocades, and a big assortment of styles and materials (1924 ad)

Freeland Overall Mfg. Co., 1926 ad Freeland Overall Mfg. Co. - Ridge St. - not a direct retailer, but they sold through various Freeland businesses as well as beyond the region. Note the reference to a recent strike. (1926 ad from Charlie Stumpf)

Gauz Clothing Store ad, 1925 Gauz's - 441 Centre St. - (clothing store, from Ed Merrick, 1925 ad); another 1925 ad for a big sales event spelled the name Guaze's, same address

Nathan Gladstein's Clothing - 600 Centre St. (From Nancy Remak Penn: In 1937 there was a business at 600 Centre Street operated by Nathan Gladstien [Gladstein? - CT] that sold women's apparel. This was noted on a 1937 application for life insurance that my mother had filled out - she was working there at the time.)

Goldstein's Clothing - Centre St., between Main & Front Streets

Helen Beth Shoppe - 612 Centre St. - Specialized in Minx Mode fashions (1953 ad) - Some examples of the Minx Modes brand this shop carried can be seen on the Etsy site

Janet's Children's Shop Janet's Children Shop - 627 Centre St., then moved to 611 Centre St. in 1957 (from Ed Merrick, 1957 ad)

Karp's Bargain Store - Centre Street, next to Citizen's Bank [is that the later Army-Navy Store location?] (1933 ad shared by Ed Merrick)

Helen Kletchko's Dress Shop - Centre St., between Front & Walnut Streets

Harvey E. Learn clothing store, 1922 ad Hyman Kline - 458 Centre St. (Hyman Kline, proprietor) merchant, clothier, clothing store (age 50 in 1940 Census) (CT: listed there as early as 1921)

Harvey E. Learn - P.O.S. of A. building (later occupied by Woodies'), 2nd floor - Clothier: Suits, overcoats, shoes, furnishings (1922 ad)

Maternity Shoppe, 1950 ad Maternity Shoppe - 617 South St. (Marie Connors, R.N., proprietor) (1950 ad from Ed Merrick)

Moderne Dresse Shoppe, 1938 ad Moderne Dresse Shoppe - 915 Washington St. (Andrew and Rose Zelenak lived at this address; was Mrs. Zenenak the proprietor?) (1938 ad from Ed Merrick)

Morris Levin - 346 Centre St., merchant, clothing store (age 53 in 1940 Census)

Sam Morris - Centre St. - Clothier for men and boys (1924 and1925 ads)

Nassan's - 507 Centre St. - Louis Nassan Men's Clothing and Shoes, corner of Centre and South streets ('51 Minamek, from Ed Merrick) - Louis Nassan - 510 Centre St. - Men's clothing and shoes, ladies' and children's slippers; "We also have a complete line of gents' furnishings, including the latest styles and colors" (1924 and 1925 ads)

New York Ladies' Store - 410 Centre St. - Coats for ladies and misses; Children's coats and dresses (1924 ad)

J. J. Newberry's - 532 Centre St. (clothing, toys, household goods) (site of current Videomania)

Novelty Cloak and Suite Store, 1919 ad Novelty Cloak and Suit Store - Refowich Theatre Bldg. - S. Presel and M. Silverman - Ladies' and gents' tailoring a specialty (from Ed Merrick, 1919 ad)

Novelty Dress Store - 531 Centre St. (Lucy Forte, proprietor or manager) merchant, dress shop (age 45 in 1940 Census)

M. Oleyar & Son, clothing, 1924 ad M. Oleyar & Son - "Clothing of the better kind"; shoes and gents' furnishings, boys' clothing (1924 ad)

O. Polakoff's The Paris Store, 1925 ad The Paris - 521 Centre St. (Oscar Pollakoff / Polakoff) - "Everything exclusive but not expensive" (from Ed Merrick, 1925 ad) - a revised version of The Paris "founded one year ago" when Oscar Pollakoff's store, men's clothier Sam Morris, and R. J. Goldberger's department store consolidated and moved to the Pollakoff bldg. (from Ed Merrick, 1930 article) - another article headlined "Paris Store To Sell Stock" noted that The Paris would be no more after the consolidation (from Ed Merrick, 1930 article) [this was happening during the Depression - CT]

Pin Cushion Bridals - 637 Centre Street (Bernadette DeMelfi and Eleanor Banja, proprietors) (from 1986 St. Casimir's booklet via Ed Merrick)

Joe Quinn's Dress Shop - Centre St., between Front & Main Streets

Racusin store opening Racussin store sign Racussin's - 521-523 Centre St., former site of The Paris Shop (Myer Racusin, proprietor) - Ladies' & Children's Wear (seen in '52 Minamek, and video still of the sign at right from Ed Merrick) - Store opened in 1934 (1934 newspaper article at left from Charlie Stumpf)

Rosenthal's - 462 Centre St. (Samuel Rosenthal, proprietor) clothier, clothing store (age 48 in 1940 Census)

Shane's Sporting Goods Store - 727 Front St. ('53 Minamek)

Shigo's Dept. Store yarn ad, 1922 Shigo's Dept. Store - 324 Centre St. (John Shigo, proprietor) (1922 ad from Ed Merrick)

Star  - 418 Centre St. - "Outfitters to Men and Boys" (1929 ad shared by Ed Merrick)

W. T. Grant's (women's clothing, fabric, home goods) - 520 Centre St.

Zimmerman's 3 and 9 Cent Store - 513 and 515 Centre St. (Harry Zimmerman) (from Ed Merrick, 1922 ad) - He also sold ladies' clothing at his variety store. He retired around 1931 after 25 years, and then in 1932 he took over and reopened the Freeland Dry Goods Store in the Nassan building on Centre Street (1932 article from Charlie Stumpf).

Clothing stores listed in directories and maps, 1900-1940

Waterbor men's clothing and tailoring ad, ca. 1909 1900-1901 city directory
Clothing stores in business listings:
Gross, D., clothing and general merchandise, Centre
McMenamin, J. J., gent's furnishers., etc., 86 Centre
Neuburger, Joseph, Estate of, dry goods, clothing, furniture and shoes, Centre
Senie, Samuel, clothing, 26 Centre
Sweeney, Jas. J., gent's furnishings, 35 Centre
Wear Well Clothing House, M. Refowich, proprietor, merchant tailor, gent's furnishings, 37 Centre

This W. H. Waterbor ad postcard was postmarked 1909; I don't know when the business opened on Centre between Main and Front. It's such an unusual picture, apparently targeting customers who aspired to be among the best-dressed gentlemen of the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. It does not show up in these directories.

1912 telephone directory
Clothing stores in general listings:
Kline H, Clothing Store – Centre
Lavine Morris, Clothier – 163 Centre
Robinowitz S, Clothing – 54 Centre

1917 telephone directory
Clothing stores in general listings:
Chenetz, Morris, Clothier - 404 Centre Kline, Hyman, Clothier, Shoes & Gents' Furnishings - 424 Centre Levin, Morris, Clothier - 348 Centre The Paris Store - 423 Centre Robinowitz, S., Clothg. - 529 Centre

1921-1922 city directory
Clothing stores in business listings:
Barezofsky, Benjamin, children’s and infants’ wear, 312 Centre
Besbris, Max – 404 Centre
Besbris, Simon – 418 Centre
Boyle, Bernard, men’s furnishings, 436 Centre
Chazen, Jarry, including children’s and infants’ wear, 507 Centre
Chenetz, Morris, including men’s furnishings, 529-531 Centre
Hurley-Loughran Co. (Credit) – 30 E. Broad, Hazleton
Kline, Hyman – 458 Centre
Lauderbach & Co., men’s furnishings, 20 W. Broad, Hazleton
Levin, Morris – 348 Centre
Moss, Dora, including children’s and infants’ wear, 627 Centre
Nassan, Louis, men’s furnishings, 510 Centre
Neuburger, Simon J. – 622 Centre
Novelty Cloak & Suit Store - Refowich Bldg.
Paris Store, cloaks and suits, 423 Centre
Pecora Bros. – 530 Centre
Peoples Store, The (Credit) – 32 W. Broad, Hazleton
Rabinowitz, Charles – 502 Centre
Rosenthal, Samuel – 462 Centre
Shigo’s Dept. Store – 324 Centre
Star Clothing Co., cloaks and suits, 14 E. Broad, Hazleton
Zimmerman, Harry – 513-515 Centre

1928-1929 city directory
Clothing stores in business listings:
Barezofsky, Benj., ladies’ furnishings, 312 Centre
Besbris, Max, men’s and boys’, 523 Center
Campbell, Anna A., Mrs., ladies’ and misses’, 406 Centre
Chenetz, Morris, including men’s furnishings, hats and caps, 529 Center
Hub Clothing Co. - Broad and Wyoming, Hazleton
Jacobs, Walter, men’s and boys’, 441 Center
Kline, Hyman, men’s furnishings, 458 Centre
Levin, Morris, men’s furnishings, 348 Centre
Morris, Samuel, men’s and boys’, 500 Center
Nassau (Nassan? – CT), Louis, men’s furnishings, 510 Centre
Nellie Shop, ladies’ furnishings, 619 Centre
Oleyar, Michael, including men’s furnishings, 427 Center
Otto Hat Store, 34 W. Broad, Hazleton
Paris Shop, ladies’ and children’s, 521 Centre
Reilly, Charles L., men’s furnishings, 633 Centre
Rosenthal, Samuel, men’s and boys’, 462 Center

1940 city directory
Clothing stores in business listings:
Besbris, Max - 602 Centre
Chenetz, Morris - 529 Centre
Eagle Clothing Co. - 10 E. Broad, Hazleton
Gladstein, Nathan - 600 Centre
Goldman, Julian Store - 112 W. Broad, Hazleton, Pa.
Hub, The - 1 E. Broad, Hazleton, Pa.
Kline, Hyman - 458 Centre
Lauderbach & Co. - 111-113 W. Broad, Hazleton, Pa.
Levin, Morris - 346 Centre
Nassan, Louis - 500 Centre
Oleyar, Michael Estate - 427 Centre
Paris, Anthony - 531 Centre
Pecora, Ralph J. - 528 Centre
Veraldi, James - 511 Centre

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