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History of Freeland, Pa.
Jewelry, watches, watch repair

What's on this page:
  • 20th-century jewelry, watches, watch repair, from memory and ads
  • Jewelry, watches, watch repair listed in directories, 1900-1940
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20th-century jewelry, watches, watch repair

Thanks to Charlie Stumpf, Gene Abel, Nancy Miller Paskin, Bob Zimmerman, Ed Merrick, Billy Kuklis for comments and additions.

William A. Bachman, jeweler and optician, 1910 ad calendar William A. Bachman, jeweler and optician, 1910 ad calendar W. A. Bachman store, spectacles sign in window Bachman's - 625 Centre St. (William A. Bachman, jeweler, employer) (age 65 in 1940 Census, from Ed Merrick) - The calendar ad here is from 1910; he was listed as W. A. Bachman – corner Front and Centre Sts. – Jeweler and optometrist, Freeland in 1932 (thanks to Billy Kuklis for 1932 info) - photo at right is an enlarged crop of a Freeland postcard showing Bachman's shop at Front and Centre streets; if you look closely, you can see a large pair of spectacles that advertised
his optician offerings.

Bertha's Drapery Shop (jewelry, fabric, draperies) - Centre & Main Streets

Chaskin Jewelers - 418 Centre St. (William Chaskin, jeweler) (age 31 in 1940 Census, from Ed Merrick) (later moved to Hazleton; had the clock that lit up at night???) - Chaskin’s Jewelry Store – 449 Centre St. – W. B. Chaskin – Complete line of jewelry, watches and diamonds; watch repairs (from Ed Merrick, 1938 ad)

S. Finn - 711 Main Street, Freeland. Miller’s old stand. Dealers in jewelry, musical instruments and religious articles. Grafonolas and records of all languages. (Source: Catholic Reference Book and Parish Register, circa 1924, from Ed Merrick) [Ed and I have emailed about this, and we assume that Miller's Old Stand refers to Oliver Miller]

Fruman’s Watches – 439 Centre St. – Bulova and Benrus headquarters; watch repairs (from Ed Merrick, 1938 ad)

Giovannuci's (costume jewelry and knick-knacks) - Centre St., west side of the 300 block between Carbon & Luzerne Streets

B. H. Horowitz ad, 1932 B. H. Horowitz, watchmaker and jeweler, 1932 ad B.H. Horowitz - 434 Centre Street, Freeland. Reliable watchmaker and jeweler. Watches, clocks, jewelry, diamonds, musical instruments. (Source: Catholic Reference Book and Parish Register, circa 1924, from Ed Merrick) - Horowitz Jewelry, Clocks and Watches – 418 Centre St. – Benjamin H. Horowitz – new location, next to M. M. O’Boyle hardware – “Your old favorite watchmaker and jeweler is again opening for business and is now located at …” – he also sold prayer books “in Polish, Slavish and other languages” (from Charlie Stumpf, 1932 ad) (earlier 1932 ad announcing store opening comes from Ed Merrick)

Keiper's - 727 Front St. (From Gene Abel: My grandfather William L. Keiper, from Boden Boden, Germany, owned and operated a hotel, and I believe also a saloon, in Freeland. He died in 1916 at his hotel. Prior to running the hotel he was had a jewelry and watch-repair business in Freeland. He was also part owner of a marble yard (tomb stones) in Hazelton. William lived at  727 Front Street at the time of his death and I think he lived at the hotel. The Keipers had a large victorian home on west Diamond St. I do not know if that was William's home or his father Philip's home. He lived in Freeland from about 1903 until his death 26 Feb 1916.)

Oliver                 Miller, Jewelry and Watches Oliver Miller estate sale, 1923 ad Oliver Miller - Centre St. (Jewelry and watches, sales and repair; photo from Nancy Miller Paskin.) - Oliver Miller’s Jewelry Store – 711 Main St. – his estate conducted a Going Out of Business Sale in spring of 1923, selling clocks, jewelry, optical goods and store fixtures (1923 ad)

(From Nancy Miller Paskin: My father, who just turned 90, remembers coming every year to Freeland and to the Valley, as his mother's family were farmers in and around Drums and Dorrance. As a boy he and his brothers were sent back to PA to help the older family members with their farms and any chores that needed to be painting buildings or carpentry, etc. He said that his grandfather, Oliver, always wore a suit, hat and had a big beard. He said that Oliver's jewelry store later became the location of the post office. Oliver died in 1922. … My grandfather, Benjamin Miller, went to The Woodmen of the World" school in Freeland and became a machinest. … Two other Millers were relatives and also tradesmen, one a blacksmith and one a gunsmith...both in Freeland.)

Polk Jewelry ad, 1934(From Bob Zimmerman: One of my great uncles was Francis Miller who was either a brother or son of Oliver Miller and whom we visited in Detroit. He still repaired watches in the early 50s.)

Leon Polk, Credit Jewelers - Centre and South Sts. (from Ed Merrick, 1934 ad)

Emmanuel Rockmaker's jewelry shop Emmanuel Rockmaker, Jeweler - The ad calendar at top left of page is dated 1912; this photo of a man walking past Rockmaker's shop came from John Zubach. Notice that the shop is next door to a billiards parlor, or a saloon that has a billiards table.

Jewelry, watches, watch repair listed in directories, 1900-1940

1900-1901 city directory
Jewelry and watches in business listings:
Butterwick, W. L., jeweler, musical instruments, cor. Front and Centre
Miller, Oliver, watch repairer, also bicycle repairing, Centre
Pittston Cut Glass Co., jewelers, 180 Stark nr. Warren, West Pittston
Wehrmann, William, watchmaker, 85 Centre

1917 telephone directory
Jewelry in general listings:
Bachman, Wm. A., Jeweler - Centre & Front

1921-1922 city directory
Jewelry and watches/clocks in business listings:
Bachman, Wm. A., jeweler, also watches and clocks, 741 Front cor Centre
Horowitz, Benjamin H., jeweler, 434 Centre
Miller, Oliver, jeweler, 711 Main

1928-1929 city directory
Jewelry and watches in business listings:
Horowitz, Benj. H., jeweler (retail), 434 Centre

1940 city directory
Jewelry and watches in business listings:
Auerbach's, jewelers, 30 W. Broad, Hazleton, Pa.
Bachman, Wm. A., jeweler, 627 Centre
Chaskin, Wm. B., jeweler, 449 Centre
Rogers Square Deal Jewelers Inc., jewelers, 121 W. Broad, Hazleton, Pa.

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