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    King Arthur

    Between the third and fourth quarters of every home game, the Kiltie Band takes up the legendary quest for the Holy Grail, led by none other than our own King Arthur. With the assistance of his faithful aide, Patsy, and with the band providing the famous Monty Python movie's theme music in the background, King Arthur bravely rides back and forth in front of the stands in a stirring display of spirit and courage. And, of course, there is much rejoicing.

    Their Majesties

    Year King Arthur Patsy
    2021 Alice Ho/Elisa Pinkowitz Bella Rhee
    2019 Solly Solomon
    2018 Keshav Reddy
    2017 Maggie Caffrey
    2016 Abbey Salmon Matt Thompson
    2015 Gwen Jones Tess Harty
    2014 Bridget Haas Aaron Sentis
    2013 Lisa Imas Eric Wise
    2012 Rebecca Wells Edward "Ted" Smogeski
    2011 Dan Becerra Alex McGuigan
    2010 Dan Becerra Alex McGuigan
    2009 Dan Pehush David Kinskey-Lebeda
    2008 Dan Pehush David Kinskey-Lebeda
    2007 Colin Taylor Erica Dorfman
    2006 Jeremy Olisar Katie Strausser
    2005 Greg Price Jeremy Olisar
    2004 Dan Fernandez Jeremy Olisar/Greg Price
    2003 Dan Fernandez Jeremy Olisar
    2002 Chris Smoak Christina Dinwoodie
    2001 Chris Smoak Kirstin Connors/Christina Dinwoodie
    2000 Heiko Ramirez Kirstin Connors
    1999 Heiko Ramirez Kirstin Connors
    1998 Heiko Ramirez Daisy Church/Kirstin Connors
    1997 Mike Monaco Mary-Beth Griffin

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