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History of Freeland, Pa.
Property sales and building design

What's on this page:
  • 20th-century property sales and building design
  • Property sales and building design listed in directories 1895-1940
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At top left: Property ads from the Freeland Tribune, October 30, 1890.

Note: In this section about buildings there is some overlap among pages for Contracting and construction, Lumber yards and hardware stores, and Building decor, furnishings and appliances, so please also visit the other related pages.

In addition to the listings from old directories and maps shown further below, here are a few more 20th-century notes additions:

James E. Griffith - yards and office, Carbon Street - Contracting and building. Building materials of all kinds. Real estate bought, sold and exchanged. (Source: Catholic Reference Book and Parish Register, circa 1924, from Ed Merrick)

Freeland Area Realty - 711 Main St. (Andrew P. Shiner and John M. Maso, salesmen; Joseph J. Brogan, broker) (1986 St. Casimir's booklet, from Ed Merrick)

George B. Hudock realty ad, 1925 George B. Hudock - Washington and Centre streets - realty dealer (1925 ad from Ed Merrick)

Alfred Kester, architect and builder, 1927 bill Alfred F. Kester, Architect and builder, 1920s (1927 bill from Alfred F. Kester, architect and builder)

Kester Real Estate – Main St. (W. A. Kester) – Selling houses and lots (1923 ad seen by Ed Merrick)

J. M. Reagan, real estate and insurance J. M Reagan - 501 Centre St. - Real estate and insurance

Theodore Reichmann, Architect and engineer "Plans and specifications provided for all kinds of public and private buildings; engineering work of all kinds" - Also served as Borough Engineer.  (detail from a postcard of the intersection of Centre and South streets, looking north, showing sign for J. M. Reagan's real estate and insurance office)

John Shigo - 324 Centre St., rear Krusko Drug Store - Real estate agent (also see below)

Property sales and building design listed in directories 1895-1940

Thomas Birkbeck, real estate agent, 1894 ad 1895 South Heberton city directory
In individual listings:
Birkbeck, Thomas, real estate and treasurer, Freeland Water Co., Birkbeck St., h

1894 ad for Thomas Birkbeck from Carol Jones.

McHugh realty ad, 1895 1897 city directory
In business listings:
McHugh, J. E., real estate agent, N Centre near Front

1895 ad for John R. McHugh from the 1895 city directory.

1897 city directory
In individual listings:
McHugh, J. E., real estate agent, N Centre near Front, w; W Heberton, h; ad says “Real estate bought and sold. Houses to rent. Also agent for building lots on Howey Estate, Freeland, and Wyomissing building lots.”

Theodore Reichmann, architect and engineer, ad 1912 telephone directory
Reichman Theo, Architect – Centre
Reagan J M, Real Est & Ins – South

1921-1922 city directory
In business listings:
Reichmann, Theodore, civil engineer, surveyor, architect, 501 Centre

John Shigo, real estate agent, 1927 ad 1928-1929 city directory
In business listings:
Benjamin & Markman, real estate, 204-05-06 American Bank Bldg., Hazleton
Buckley, Daniel S., real estate, realtor, 824 Main
Reichmann, Theodore, civil engineer, consulting engineer, structural engineer, surveyor, architect, 919 Walnut
Shigo, John, real estate, 322 Centre
Wolfe, Charles H., First National Bank Bldg., real estate, 636 Centre

1927 John Shigo ad from Ed Merrick.

1940 city directory
In business listings:
DePierro & DePierro, real estate, 538 Centre
Sholtis, Andrew J., real estate, 820 Main
Wolfe, Charles H., real estate, 625 Centre

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