Xinyu Wu

xinyuwu AT cmu DOT edu

I am a third-year PhD student in the Theory Group in the Computer Science Department at Carnegie Mellon University. I am fortunate to be advised by Pravesh Kothari and Ryan O'Donnell. I am broadly interested in theoretical computer science. Recently, I have been thinking about free probability, spectral graph theory, random graphs, and their applications in understanding average-case problems and quantum computing. My research is supported by a Microsoft Research Ada Lovelace Fellowship.


Analyzing XOR-Forrelation through stochastic calculus (pdf) (arXiv)
Xinyu Wu

The SDP value of random 2CSPs (pdf) (arXiv)
Amulya Musipatla, Ryan O'Donnell, Tselil Schramm, Xinyu Wu

Explicit near-fully X-Ramanujan graphs (pdf) (arXiv)
Ryan O'Donnell, Xinyu Wu
      FOCS 2020

Mycielski graphs and PR proofs (pdf)
Emre Yolcu, Xinyu Wu, Marijn Heule
      SAT 2020
      Best Student Paper

The nonlinear stability regime of the viscous Faraday wave problem (pdf) (arXiv)
David Altizio, Ian Tice, Xinyu Wu, Taisuke Yasuda
      Quarterly of Applied Mathematics, 2019

A log-Sobolev inequality for the multislice, with applications (pdf) (arXiv)
Yuval Filmus, Ryan O'Donnell, Xinyu Wu
      ITCS 2019

A stochastic calculus approach to the oracle separation of BQP and PH (pdf) (ECCC) (arXiv)
Xinyu Wu
      To appear, Theory of Computing

Other writing

The uniform marginals lemma in "Query-to-communication lifting for BPP" (pdf)

Some talks

Separations in computational complexity through stochastic calculus
USC Probability and Statistics Seminar, October 2021 (video)

Explicit near-fully X-Ramanujan graphs
IAS CSDM Seminar, October 2020 (video)
HUJI Combinatorics Seminar; CMU Theory Lunch, July 2020 (video) (slides)

Escaping small sets on the boolean cube and other domains
CMU Theory Lunch, October 2018 (video) (slides)

Query-to-communication lifting for BPP (Göös, Pitassi, Watson 2017)
(with Ryan O'Donnell) CMU Theory Reading Group, April 2017 (video part 1) (part 2)