AI-ED 97

Knowledge and Media in Learning Systems
18-22 August, 1997, Kobe, Japan


"Intelligent Educational Systems on the World Wide Web"


Edited by
Peter Brusilovsky Human-Computer Interaction Institute, School of Computer Science,
Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Kiyoshi Nakabayashi, Tele-Education Project,
NTT Information and Communication Systems Laboratories, JAPAN
Steven Ritter, Department of Psychology,
Carnegie Mellon University, USA

I. Implementation:

The difficulties in Web-based tutoring, and some possible solutions
Mia K. Stern

Pat Online: A Model-tracing tutor on the World-wide Web
Steven Ritter

An Implementation of the WWW Based ITS for Guiding Differential Calculations
Yasuhisa Okazaki, Kenzi Watanabe, Hiroki Kondo

II. Conceptual basis:

Concept Level Modelling on the WWW
KSR Anjaneyulu

A Database-Oriented Approach to the Design of Educational Hyperbooks
Peter Fröhlich and Wolfgang Nejdl

Toward Learning from Surfing
Toyohiro Nomoto, Noriyuki Matsuda, Tsukasa Hirashima, Jun'ichi Toyoda

III. Architecture

Next-Generation Training over the World Wide Web
David G. Goldstein

The Challenge of Constructing a Mega-tutor over the Web
Kurt Rowley

ADIS - An animated data structure intelligent tutoring system or Putting an interactive tutor on the WWW
Kai Warendorf, Colin Tan

IV. Media

Has anyone seen this program? Synchronous and asynchronous help for novice programmers
John Domingue and Paul Mulholland

Using Agents to Overcome Deficiencies in Web-Based Courseware
W. Lewis Johnson, Erin Shaw

WebPersona: A Life-Like Presentation Agent for Educational Applications on the World-Wide Web
Elisabeth André, Thomas Rist, Jochen Müller

Position statements:

Guided Navigation Through Hyperspace
Jim E. Greer and Tim Philip

Intelligence in Educational Technologies for Distance Case
Alexei Dovgiallo

From adaptable to adaptive interface for distance education.
Aude Dufresne

Development of Computer Assisted Language Learning System for Japanese Writing Using Natural Language Processing Techniques: A Study on Passive Voice
Jie Chi Yang, Kanji Akahori

Associated AIED'97 papers from workshop participants:

Distributed intelligent tutoring on the Web
Peter Brusilovsky, Steven Ritter, Elmar Schwarz

Architecture of an Intelligent Tutoring System on the WWW
Kiyoshi NAKABAYASHI, Mina MARUYAMA, Yoshimasa KOIKE, Yasuhisa KATO, Hirofumi TOUHEI, Yoshimi FUKUHARA

Dynamic Course Generation on the WWW
Julita Vassileva