CMU Board Game Club
"Ludo, ergo sum"

The answers to the questions you might be asking yourself:

What is the purpose of this document?

Welcome to the CMU Board Game club home page. This page has two important uses. It serves to attract new members (you!) and it also has some information on gaming stuff. If you think you might be interested stop by one of our meetings.

When and where do you meet?

We meet on Saturdays in the University Center, 2nd floor, in the GM Dining Room (overlooking the pool, and upstairs from Si SeƱor's), from around one PM until everyone left gets too tired and leaves.

Why would I care, I mean what do you do?

We play games. Lots of games. Mostly various board games. We have a reasonably well stocked closet, with several dozen different games, and some of our members have been known to bring games from their own hoards to play.

"If you bring it, they will play"

What games exactly?

Some games we have played in the past (just a sampling to give you some idea):

Do you have a mailing list?

Why yes, we do. We maintain a mailing list in order to make announcements, get people together to play "big" games, and for any other purpose that seems relevant to the club. The list is fairly low traffic. If you wish to be added to the list, jump to the CMU Board Gamers Google Group page and click on the button that asks for membership.

How do I join? Why would I want to?

Becoming a paid member is not necessary to show up and play games. If you do want to become a paid member, dues are $5 for one semester, or $10 for a whole year, plus one cent for off-campus members. Paid members can borrow games from the Gaming Club closet. That, and we won't laugh at you (as much).

Why the name change?

For many years we were the CMU Gaming Club, but during the 2008-2009 year we encountered a problem whereby money that should have been going into the CMU Gaming Club's accounts ended up in another club's accounts instead due to a similar name. (This was not that other club's fault.) In the interest of both hopefully preventing this from happening again, and to distinguish us from organizations devoted to computer gaming, we changed our name to the CMU Board Game Club.

Who's in charge?

Name Email Position
Joe Appel President
Jose Juan Tapia Vice President
Victor Bass Treasurer
Kevin Falconer Student Advisor
Roy Liu Secretary
Michael Duggan Staff Advisor

And if I need more information?

In order to reach all the officers, email Better yet, show up at a meeting and find out for yourself!

Some stuff the CMU Gaming Club has done

Some stuff other people have done

Who wrote this silly thing, and why?

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