Generic Sequence of Play

This was posted to in late january of 94 by Stephen Graham (, who wrote it a few years ago. Enjoy.

The Generic Sequence of Play

This is a generic sequence of play for multiplayer games. It's derived from my and others experience in routine club play. It applies best to games with alliances, but could probably be applied to almost anything.
  1. Game Selection Prephase

    Various arguments over what game to play next, who's going to play what, how long this is all going to take, etc.

  2. Set-Up

    Attempt to find suitable location to play, determination of whose copy of the game is going to be sacrificed.... er, used, argument over scenario to be played, whining about the last time the scenario was played, attempt to decipher the screwy counter storage scheme, arguments over orientation of map(s), finally, actual set-up.

  3. Preliminary Rules Arguments

    Outbreak of inter-player strife over exact set of optional and advance rules, philosophical/ political arguments engendered by this, attempt to establish house rules to correct system faults.

  4. First Player Turn

  5. Recrimination Metaphase

    This actually occurs during any other phase of the game, and may reference either actions during the current game, or in any previous game involving one or more players. Usually does not occur during the Gastronomic Interphase.

  6. Additional Player Turns

  7. Intermediate Rules Arguments

    Engendered by kibitzers commenting on player strategies. Frequently reverts to phase 5.

  8. Gastronomic Interphase

    Attempt to remedy player supply situation. May feature the special Spill Recrimination Phase.

  9. Conclusion of Game (Optional)

Additional phases may be added as needed.

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