Collated by Aaron McConnell ('97-'99 VP) et al

Over the few semesters I have spent with the CMU Gaming club, A few hilarious, ironic, or silly quotes were forever imprinted into my memory. I'd like to share them with you. If you don't know why they are so memorable, come to a meeting and play the games....

Of course, we must include the essence of our club,
"The object of the game is to win."

"I want some wood!"
Kori Powell, Die Seidler von Catan

"Oh comrades, it's been a very bad year..."
Traditional, Junta

"You know how much it would suck for Dale if I drew a 2 right now?"
Aaron McConnell, Republic of Rome

"Now we will always have had time travel again."
Someone, Time Agent

"Oh, that's right; I ate the green one."
John Ferro, Ursuppe

"BukBukBuk... surprise!"
Ben, Fast Food Surprise

"Games? Did someone say games?"

"Shock. Amazement."
Traditional, attr. John Barr

"I'm blue, choose a color."
Bayani Caes

"I'd like to go and attack him, but I'm all out of balls."
Josh Dzuibeck, Zarcana with the Tarot of Baseball deck

"You win by always having been the winner when time travel is uninvented."
Traditional, Time Agent