The "Erik Lauer" Titan Powers

You have learned to gain power through others. When upward recruiting, you need one less of the lower character than normal. So one warbear may recruit a unicorn, two of any creature may recruit a guardian, and 0 Titans may recruit a warlock. You may recruit any character available in a given terrain with any creature in your group worth at least 25% more points. As the defender in a battle you may recruit before the battle, in addition during or after. As the attacker you may recruit before the battle in addition to summoning an angel, and recruiting after the battle.
You are an amorphous mass, nearly impossible to destroy. In order to be removed from the game, every legion must be destroyed! You start the game with 4 of each tower creature to make 3 legions, each having 4 creatures. During battles, your legion marker fights as a Titan and is treated as a lord but is worth 0 points, and has no effect if it dies. Your group is considered destroyed if the legion marker is the only character left in it. If your legion marker is killed, but you win the battle, the same legion marker is placed on top of your legion. You may have at most seven characters (other than your marker) in a legion. Despite having a legion marker, all your legions may flee. You do not earn angels.
You have trained to strike at range. All your characters have the ability to range strike, and may do so while engaged, and never suffer penalties for range. In addition, any usual range striking character may range strike twice (instead of once) during your strike phase (though the gained rangestrike does not gain advantages of the character, such as exception 13.5). All of your creatures may range strike during counterstrike. You may recruit gorgons and rangers from the dead pile if none are left in the caretaker's stacks. You may rangestrike through occupied hexes, elevated hexes, cliff hexes, and trees at -1 to hit penalty per hex (this could result in needing 7's, hence automatically missing). Skill three characters may rangestrike at range 4.
You have powerful magic powers. Your Titan rangestrikes with all the advantages of a warlock. Whenever you roll a five for movement, your Titan group may teleport to any unoccupied space five spaces away, ignoring arrows and enemy groups, but not traversing the same hexside twice. In any battle which the defender does not flee, during any one strike phase you may declare you are casting the fire spell. Each character in your opponent's group takes floor(its strength/3) damage.
You have learned to build protection. Your non * creatures take floor(2 strength / 3) extra hits to kill, your * creatures take floor(strength / 3) extra hits to kill.
You have special training for flying. All your characters have the ability to fly at speed 4. In addition, your * characters may hover. A hovering characters is not affected by the terrain in its hex (but is affected by the boundaries of the hex), and can not strike at any other characters as long as there are enemy characters in the same hex with hits left. Enemy characters never gain dice or skill for terrain benefits when striking at a hovering character, except for extra dice from a volcano. Hovering characters are not penalized for swinging up slope or dune. Two characters may be in the same hex if one is hovering and the other is not. Before each of your movement phases, you have your ogg strike phase. You may take an unengaged * creature and make an ogg attack: your character dies but pick an enemy character (not a lord) that your creature can move in the same hex as this movement phase, and make one strike at + strength dice (no carry is possible here), potentially killing the enemy now (there is no counterstrike in the ogg phase). You may make more than one ogg attack per phase, declare another ogg attack after the last one has been resolved. You may recruit gorgons and rangers from the dead pile if none are left in the caretaker's stacks. You start with two extra gargoyles.
You have trained your characters to strike with their maximum force. All your creatures strike at +floor(strength/4) strength. At the beginning of any strike phase you may select one or more of your characters to go berserk. A berserk character strikes twice, but dies automatically immediately (and counts as a kill for opponent's angel summoning).
You have the power of possession. You start the game with two angels, but not Titans. During your first movement phase of any battle you may possess any character in your group. The beast strikes both with the strike of the character and with the strike of your demon. To kill the beast both the character and the demon must be killed. During any subsequent one of your movement phases, you may end the possession: the demon leaves, and the creature fights normally. If the demon has any hits left, you may move it to any of your adjacent characters, the demon may move through characters to move many hexes, though only move once. If the beast is killed, your demon permanently loses a strength (though this does not end the combat). Your demon fights with the strength of a Titan (except that is may be reduced). You are destroyed if either your demon is reduced to strength 0 (when it is, the battle is ended as if your Titan were killed), or if you have no remaining legions. Any group with an angel may teleport as if it had a Titan.
The Folks
You have a good relation with common creatures. Whenever you enter a terrain you may always recruit the weakest creature available in that terrain, even from the dead pile if none are left if the caretaker's stacks. Each turn, before splitting, you may remove one of your legions from the masterboard. In battle you may move an extra creature onto the map board each movement phase restricted as follows: the extra creature is the weakest available in that terrain (or any tower creature in a tower) and the total point value of the extra creatures added during a battle does not exceed 50% the original value of the legion. If your group is worth enough points to bring on more than 7 folks, you may bring on two folks for (# folks you can bring on - 7) rounds. If you have enough to bring on more than 14, 3 folks may be brought on for the appropriate number of rounds, etc. Your extra creatures added are not worth any points. The extra creatures added do not count towards towards the group size (if there are too many characters in the group at the end of the battle, remove as many of the weakest available creature as is necessary).
Your characters have learned to care for each other. During battle at the beginning of the strike phase (before the mover's and the other person's strike phase) you may make healing strikes against your characters (even if they are fully healed). When you strike one of your characters the other character is not protected by terrain benefits (though the healing character can still be penalized for the being in bramble), and the "damage" you do removes hits, up to a maximum of fully healed. You can heal above fully healed, but this extra healing yields temp hits which would be hurt before your character takes hits, but goes away at the end of the strike phase. Only lords can heal lords. A creature can not heal itself. Healing occurs before berserker declares which characters are going berserk. When you you strikes your characters, you declare how many temp hits to put on your characters before carrying.
You have supplied your troops with special weapons. All of you characters may do one rangestrike once per combat (crossbow) (~ creatures may do so during counterswing, but not during your strike phase). All your creatures melee strike at +floor(strength/2) strength.
Living dead
The dead fight for you. You may recruit freely from the dead pile should none of the creature you are recruiting be left in the caretaker's stacks. You may recruit directly into the dead pile (even if your group is full). During combat, when your characters are killed, you may leave them in the hex they are in. They do not occupy the hex (other characters may move into and through the hex), and have no powers. They may attack enemy characters in the same hex though. Enemy characters attempting to leave a hex which has at least one corpse in it are slowed. During one of your movement phases during the combat (or immediately after the combat ends if you win), you may revive corpses of enemy creatures from the battle, though you can not exceed maximum stack limit, and the point value of the creatures revived can not exceed the half the original value of the group bringing them in as recruits.
Lord of the Trees
You are loved by all trees. When you recruit in the woods, you recruit as if you have an extra warbear in your group. So, you could always recruit a centaur or warbear; with a warbear you could recruit a unicorn. Similarly in the (hills, swamp, jungle) you could recruit as if having an extra (minotaur, troll, cyclops). You start the game with two extra centaurs. You may recruit warbears, minotaurs, unicorns, trolls, and cyclops from the dead pile if there are none left in the caretaker's stacks. All your characters may move through, and stop at trees. You may range strike through trees. Creatures in trees take extra strength hits to kill (this could make you have a character which dies if it leaves the tree). At the beginning of each of your opponent's movement phases, each of your characters in a tree regenerate its strength/6 hits (if its strength is not divisible by six, roll a die on a result <= strength mod 6, heal another hit). If you are fighting in a terrain without trees you may bring up to three saplings with you; place a sapling counter in a hex which one of your characters ends movement in the first movement phase (the sapling does not replaces any terrain in the hex, and no two saplings may be adjacent). A sapling act as a tree, except that if it may be destroyed (it is as hard to kill as the character that brings it on, and regenerates as if it were in a sapling), it acts as a character in your group that does not move, strike, count towrs stacking limit, or group existance. If a hovering character plants a sapling, the sapling hovers (a creature must hover to be in the sapling, and the sapling does not interfere with a non-hovering character being in the hex). Your Titan acts as a sapling (another character may be in your Titan, and both regenerate, a creature inside takes more hits to kill). A demon has the other part of the beast act as if it is in a sapling.
Your troops are of superior quality. Your characters are never penalized for not being native to the terrain (except walls and valcanoes). All your creatures melee strike at +floor(strength/4) strength, and have ceiling(strength/5) extra hits.
You have the ability to avoid problems. The first turn of the game all your groups may teleport to any unoccupied space within 6 of your tower, ignoring arrows (as in a tower teleport). You roll two dice for recruitment. If they are equal, you reroll one of the dice. Each of your groups may use either number to move (so your groups may move different amounts on the same turn). After rolling any [range]strike for one of your creatures you may instead do ceiling(average number of hits) damage.
Nine Ball
You have figured out how to command nine characters. Each of your legions may have nine characters, you may fight with nine, and summon an angel to get nine in a group. You start with an extra centaur, ogre and two gargoyles. At the beginning of a battle (or second movement phase) you may bring on a nine ball. The nineball is a demilord with strength (9- number of characters your group started with), and skill 4. Your opponent does not score any points for killing the nineball, if the nineball is the only character in your legion (or if it is the only other character is an amoeba) your legion is destroyed. The nineball does not count against your stacking limit. Your characters are only worth 80% the normal amount (extra pieces brought on due to folks, living dead, and smurf are also worth 80%, .so the number brought on is not affected). You may leave characters off during your first movement phase without having them die (if you have a second movement phase, and do not move them on then, they do die), but still have the option of declaring them dead during your first movement phase.
You are the master of stealth. You may move over other players' groups freely. If one of your legions would end its entire movement on an enemy legion, you may move your legion another space (this may be repeated). You may split off one character legions. You need not move your groups sequentially (hence they can switch places). You may end two groups which did not just split from each other on the same space on the masterboard, if combined they do not exceed your stacking limit. They combine, but may not recruit this recruitment phase. Each recruitment phase, after rolling for recruitment you may decide that you did not like the number rolled, and reroll until that a different number is rolled (with mulligan, chose one die, reroll that till it is different from the current number, and the other die). Whenever one of your creatures [range]strikes you make declare that it is making a death strike; the creature immediately dies, but gets extra dice equal to the number of hits it currently has remaining (creatures can not use extra hits gained from being in a tree towards the death strike). There is ninja-movement phase after the strike phase during your round. Any of your characters in the combat which are not engaged, and did not move in the movement phase may move (as they would during a movement phase) during the ninja-movement phase.
You have the ability to foresee the future. You may look at any players' legions at any time. You may split your groups after rolling for movement. You may recruit with any character as if it is any creature it may downward recruit to (ie a ranger may recruit as a lion, centaur, troll or ogre). Any character may recruit as any tower creature. Whenever one of your creatures [range]strike, roll twice and take either result (you may change the target for the reroll). You do not need to announce carries before rolling your strikes, even when the carry will be for a higher skill.
Everything seems very smurfy. You must use the blue smurf markers. After rolling for movement you may decide that your little legs can not carry you that far; all your groups which do not teleport move one less than normal. Your creature's [range] strikes do only ceiling(2/3 damage). You may stack two creatures in one hex (potentially 4 if you are avian). At the beginning of a combat you may choose one of your groups to be a helper group (display the entire group immediately): You may bring in one character each of your movement phases from the helper group, though the total value of helping characters may not exceed 50% the original value of your fighting group (no points are scored for the helping creatures). The helping characters do not count against your stacking limit. At the end of the battle any surviving helping creatures must go back to the helping stack. The smurfs are currently having their smurfberry festival, and are to busy to play Titan.
Upside-Down Cake
Everything seems upside down. When you roll for recruitment, you may either use the number rolled, or the number facing down (7 - the number rolled), and may have one group move the other number. Whenever one of your creatures [range]strikes, you may either use the numbers rolled, or take the roll facing down (you choose for the entire strike, not just some of the dice).
You are able to drain the life out of others. Your first power is that nobody may flee from you. If you win a combat, you also get half points for all the characters your opponent killed in that battle. During recruitment, you may attempt to overrun your opponent's groups. If one of your groups reaches an opponent's, you may immediately compare your group value (sum of all points of all characters) with your opponent's. If yours is at least 2.5 times your opponent's, then the opposing group dies, you collect full points and (if your group had not moved its full allotment already) your group continues movement. You may not overrun if the hex your group will reach after movement is already occupied by one of your groups. Your Titans are [(x+1) * 4] lords and may be summoned in lieu of an angel. During battle, during your movement phase, if your have a Titan it may leave the battle and go to any group of yours which is not engaged, and has room (your opponent still scores points for your Titan). Alternatively your Titan may go into stasis, where it may either be summoned back into your group (fully healed) during the battle, after the battle, or die. You start the game with two Titans (and no angels), gain 1 Titan strength every 50 points, do not earn angels, and are not destroyed until both Titans are killed. Any group of yours may recruit a new Titans in a tower, provided you currently have a dead Titan. The new Titan is a 6 * 4 lord, and goes up a strength for every fifty points you gain beyond your current score.
Lady luck is on your side. Whenever one of your creatures [range]strikes, you may reroll any dice you want to, and take the second roll of those dice as the final result. If you roll the same roll for recruitment you did last turn, you may roll again.
You have learned to raise the dead. You may recruit any creature from the dead pile available in the terrain with any creature worth at least as many points. After rolling for movement, but before moving, you may take creatures out of your groups and put them in the dead pile. At the end of any battle which you won, you may gain characters. You may add any of the creatures which died during that battle to your winning group (up to a maximum of seven characters in your group). You may raise creatures which flee. You may not raise lords or demi lords. At the end of a battle, you may remove non lords from your group (and may destroy your group this way). This is done at the same time as the raising of characters, but before recruiting / angel summoning. Your Titan's death does not end a battle; if you go on to win the battle place your Titan in the group before recruiting / wining angels. If your group is already full, remove a character. Start the game with 2 lions, trolls, cyclops, rangers, gorgons, warbears and minotaurs in the dead pile.