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Gear Checkout for Non-Explorers Club Organizations

A non-Explorers Club group or organization may use Explorers Club equipment if and only if:

  • the group or organization is officially affiliated with Carnegie Mellon University
  • the items being borrowed were purchased under the condition that they be made available to other official university organizations. This includes the following items:

    -MSR miniworks filters
    -MSR Whisperlite stoves
    -MSR stainless steel cook kits
    -Sierra Designs OA, OC, and C3 tents
    -Cascade Designs Ridgerests
    -REI 20F sleeping bags
    -EMS backpacks
  • the president or other representative of the organization completes a copy of the official Gear Request Form for Non-Explorers Club Organizations. (This form is also available both at our storeroom and online at our Forms/Files page.)

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