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Joining the Explorers Club

1. Print out and 3-hole punch the Trip Waiver/Membership Form, available here.
    Note: Only those under 18 need to print out and complete page 2.
2. Read the release, fill out the information, and sign it.
3. Submit $20 for club dues (fixed rate for everyone).
4. Bring the form and dues to a club event or meeting, or drop it in UC Box 64.
5. Subscribe to mailing lists and/or the b-board for current trip information.
6. Help spread the word by joining us on Facebook and The Bridge.

Mailing Lists

If you wish to announce a trip, please do so to a seasonal or specific interest mailing list. Before doing so you must have subscribed to the list, as only a member of a given list can e-mail the list.

Click here to view your current subscriptions

All members:


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Summer folks:


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Winter folks:


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Specific interests:
explorers-biking Subscribe Send Post
explorers-canoeing Subscribe Send Post
explorers-caving Subscribe Send Post
explorers-climbing Subscribe Send Post
explorers-hiking Subscribe Send Post
explorers-kayaking Subscribe Send Post
explorers-scuba Subscribe Send Post
explorers-skydiving Subscribe Send Post


1. Navigate to webmail.
2. Click on "Folders" at the top of the page
3. In the bottom box of the "Folders" page, in the "Subscribe to:" field, enter assocs.explorers
4. Click "Subscribe"; now refresh your folder list, and you'll see a link to our BBoard.

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