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Reimbursement Policies

  1. Consistent with the policy of the Student Activities office, all
    reimbursement requests are to be submitted to the club treasurer within
    two weeks of the end date of a club trip. Exceptions will be considered
    only if the treasurer or president is contacted with a reasonable
    request for an extension.

  2. For a trip to be eligible for reimbursements, it must meet the following requirements:

    • Announced to the appropriate d-list at least 24 hours in advance (preferably more)

    • Open to all qualified members (i.e. you can't announce a trip that's already filled up with your friends, but it is OK to require a certain minimum skill level)

    • Attended by at least 2 student members

    • Added to the Mini Trip Reports page (this is the officer's responsibility - if no officer was involved in running the trip, e-mail us with trip details, including where/when/what/how many people)

  3. You must be a club member to receive a reimbursement.

  4. The Explorer's Club issues two types of trip reimbursements:

    • Transportation - Gas and tolls, but NOT rental cars. Receipts are required for both and you are expected to fill the tank before and after the trip. We will not reimburse based on mileage alone. All members (students and non-students) are eligible for transportation reimbursement.

    • Activity Fees - 50% of the activity cost, up to $20/person/day (3 day maximum). To receive an activity fee reimbursement the member must be a current student or get approval from the club president, treasurer, and faculty advisor. Car rental will be considered as an activity fee with prior approval by an officer.

    • Training - Members can be reimbursed for individual training sessions, as per the activity fee reimbursement policy (training should clearly benefit the club and be pre-announced).

    For each official trip, the officer will decide to reimburse EITHER transportation OR activity fees, and this will be noted in the MiniTripReports spreadsheet.

Gear Checkout Policies

  1. Any active Explorers Club member is entitled to borrow club equipment for him/herself and at most one non-member. To be considered an active member, the member must satisfy the following basic conditions:

    • He or she has attended at least two official club trips

    • He or she has spent at least one hour in service to the club or has organized and led an official club trip in addition to the abovementioned attended trips. Service to the club may include helping to organize or clean the storeroom, attending a purchasing trip, staffing the Explorers Club table at an activities fair, creating flyers, volunteering at a social gathering, submitting trip photos, or driving during an outing. (If you have a creative idea for other contributions, mention it to an officer.)

    Because we purchase gear in part using membership dues, we ask that half those using the equipment for any trip be club members.

  2. Gear checkout and return must be properly recorded using the equipment checkout log located on the desk in the storeroom. (The gear checkout form is available online at our Forms/Files page.)

  3. The borrowing club member may be assessed a fee related to the replacement cost of the borrowed equipment if that equipment is not returned in a timely manner, as per the indicated expected return date. Extensive damage to borrowed gear, or loss of gear altogether, may induce a charge upon the borrower pending review by the club leadership.

  4. At the discretion of the president, quartermaster, or other club officer, trip leaders may be granted special gear access privileges. Trip leaders have priority access to gear that is being used for a publicized club-wide event.

For non-Explorers Club organizations wishing to check out gear, please click here for our policy.

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