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Explorers Club President

Gabe Vegh-Gaynor (

I'm an undergraduate Ethics, History and Public Policy major, but I spend as much time as I can outside. I enjoy rock and ice climbing, mountaineering, biking, backpacking, and any other outdoor activities I can get in on. I grew up in Pittsburgh, and I am very familiar with the local hikes/climbs/camping/biking, but I've also been on adventures in the High Sierras, Nevada, Death Valley, the Adirondacks, the Blue Ridge mountains, Wyoming/Utah and the Pacific Northwest. Most recently, I summited 14,505 foot Mt. Whitney in California. Feel free to ask me for advice on planning anything from local trips to international adventures! See you outside.

Explorers Club Treasurers

Nate Brooks (

I'm a robotics PhD student and sunlight enthusiast. Since moving to Pittsburgh, I've spent my free time doing lots of different things: backpacking, climbing, kayaking, meteor shower watching, and camping outside of REI. Most weekends I try to go hiking or climbing, and on some weekdays I hang out at The Climbing Wall. A couple of my favorite "out of town" locations are the rocks at Red River Gorge and the high peaks in the Adirondacks.

When exploring, there are many types of fun:
- Type 1 fun is plain, simple fun
- Type 2 fun is not fun while you are doing it, but is fun afterwards (makes for a good story)
- Type 3 fun is never fun for you, but is fun for others (makes for a good story about you being stupid)
I look forward to experiencing them all with you (well, maybe not type 3)!

Fan Yang (

I am a math major at CMU and enjoy traveling in my spare time. Among the places that I've been to, my favorites are Kanas Lake in Xinjiang, China and Horton Plains National Park in Sri Lanka.

Explorers Club Quartermaster

Matt Barnes (

When Matt Barnes isn’t practicing his atlatl skills or playing professional hopscotch, he’s probably somewhere in the woods. A recent climbing convert, he began backpacking and canoeing in the Adirondacks. Notable trips include a traverse of Zion, the Western Breach at Kilimanjaro, the mountaineer’s route on Mt. Whitney (200’ short of the summit), and very soon completing the 46 ADK high peaks. Talk to him about music, books, and renting gear for your BAMF trip.

Mark Whiting (

Mark Whiting is a PhD student in the Mechanical Engineering Department developing tools to tackle hyper-complex design problems, such as those found in biology. He has grown up traveling the world and has studied in Australia, China and Korea along the way. He is also known for founding TEDxKAIST and being heavily involved with TEDx in Korea. Find out more about Mark here.

Explorers Club Webmaster

Josh Caputo (

I've been around the Club for a while, since '06. Mostly I hike/backpack, road/mountain bike, and boulder, while dabbling in other things. If only there was the time and money for more! Being a PhD student keeps you busy. A big garden and a garage climbing wall keep me sane. I've mostly explored the Northeast US, with some time in California and a short stint in the Swiss Alps. For the club, I am master of the web!

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