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Experience the Sensation of Flight

Skydiving is a one-of-a-kind thrill. It’s also much more than that. As a legitimate sport with worldwide visibility and membership, skydiving is a remarkably safe and well-regulated activity that combines teamwork, skill, trust, practice, communication, knowledge, and challenge—both personal and collective. Many people are eager to make that one breathtaking, unforgettable tandem jump that counts as an item to check off of their so-called bucket lists. For others, that first jump is a gateway to an enduring love of the sport and the nearly limitless breadth of skill and variety that it offers.

Skydiving Details

You do not need to be a current member of the CMU Explorers Club to attend a skydiving trip, but we strongly encourage you to consider joining and checking out our other activities.  Please go here to subscribe to the skydiving mailing list so that you’ll always be notified about upcoming trips.

Since 2003 we have organized skydiving trips for hundreds of students, faculty, staff, and other attendees.  The Explorers Club will make every effort to organize several group skydiving trips each year.  Even if the acting skydiving chair cannot attend a trip organized by students, he will make every effort to facilitate the trip and provide helpful details.  Please contact Michael Jehn ( for more details.

Please note that each skydiving trip participant will be required to sign a waiver with each dropzone where a jump is made.  These waivers are intended to place full responsibility for the decision to complete a skydive, and all assumption of reasonable risk, in the hands of the individual skydiver; they are also designed to protect dropzones from litigation in the event of an accident or injury.  Skydiving is just one of several intense—and potentially risky—outdoor activities that the Explorers Club promotes, and the club is always committed to providing enjoyable yet safe experiences for its trip participants.  If you have any questions or concerns about skydiving safety, please contact us.


There are several accredited skydiving dropzones within a two-hour drive of Pittsburgh.  The Explorers Club may invite students to any one of these dropzones, but we will most often organize trips to Skydive Pennsylvania in Grove City.  Skydive PA is located approximately one hour north of Pittsburgh on Interstate 79.  Features of the facility include:

  • Restrooms and showers

  • Vending machines and hot food

  • Skydiving merchandise for sale

  • Designated spectator area for friends and family to watch skydivers land

  • Restaurants and stores including the “famous” Grove City Outlets nearby

  • Camping areas on-site

  • Full jump video packages available (additional fee)

An important note: if you are not yet 18 years of age, please contact us before attending a skydiving trip. You'll need to obtain a notarized letter of permission from a parent or guardian that we'll give to the dropzone. We'll also ask you to fill out a special waiver for under-18 participants, available at our Forms/Files page.

Explorers Club Skydiving Chair

The current Explorers Club skydiving chair is Michael Jehn. He started skydiving in 2003 and holds a United States Parachute Association membership and B-level skydiving license. Although he enjoys serving as the skydiving chair role, the club is always looking for a currently enrolled CMU student to fill the position of either primary skydiving chair or co-chair. If you are interested, even if you have number jumped before, please contact us!

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