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With 100-150ft visibility, entering and descending into the ocean can speed up one's heart and cause such an exhilaration as one sees the bursting colors of red, orange, blue, violet, yellow reflected by coral walls and fish schools.

Scuba diving is one of the most exciting sports one can undertake. It provides the great opportunity to explore and experience the oceans, seas, lakes and see both marine and freshwater organisms in their natural habitat. For safety and information, a basic OW scuba certification is required.

Dive safely. Plan your dive, dive you plan.

Diving Trips

Depending on budget, time and skill level, and interested divers, a dive trip can be planned locally (Lake Erie, Yough River, Summersville), out of state (Florida, NorthC, California), or at another country (Cozumel, St Maartens, Roatan, Fiji). These dive trips are always planned with budget in mind to compensate for the fact the scuba diving is a relatively expensive sport. We join other local dive clubs during their dive trips as well.

Before you participate in a diving trip please print and fill out the diver's profile form and give to the scuba diving chair.

Diving Gear

The Explorers Club now owns scuba diving gear that it can lend to it's members. We have 2 complete sets of dive gear (BCD, regulator/octopus/depth and pressure gauge, fins, masks and snorkel). Efforts are made to consistently upgrade the gear.

You can find a detailed list of our gear here and a trip gear checklist here.

Diving Safely 

CMU Explorers Scuba is a relatively young section of the club. It does not yet have its core set of Dive Masters and Instructors from its members. Diving with other local clubs is encouraged as it allow our members to interact and learn from other experienced divers.  A well-planned dive with a designated diving lead makes for a safer trip.

Benefits of CMU Explorers Scuba Divers

In addition to the general benefits members of CMU Explorers Club members enjoy, scuba divers have an additional perk. Members who get their scuba certifications and go to dive trips will receive a additional daily reimbursements up to $20/day. Please inform the club of the details of your certification (where you will be taking your certification and the cost) and the dive trips (dive trips reports required)

Explorers Club Scuba Diving Chair

The Explorers Club is currently looking for a motivated and experienced member to fill the position of Scuba Diving Chair. If this is something you think you might be interested in, please contact us!

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