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Boots on Your Feet and a Pack on Your Back...

The most wonderful places on this beautiful planet are often the hardest to get to, and that is why we hike. Backpacking and hiking hearken to the way humankind used to travel, with our own two feet and our loads on our backs, and everyone should give it a go. It brings the immense feeling of having earned one's passage to the end of the day. One of life's greatest pleasures is chilling the sweat on your back with the wind while having lunch on a mountaintop.

Common Hiking Destinations

Common or close (<5 hours) places to hike or backpack include:

Hiking Gear

The Explorers Club can provide the following backpacking/hiking gear for club trips (see our Storeroom page for more information):

  • Backpacks/daypacks

  • Trekking Poles

  • Rain Jackets

  • Backpacking tents

  • Sleeping bags

  • Sleeping pads

  • Backpacking stoves

  • Cooking Gear

  • Headlamps

If you'd like to get your own gear, you can check out these local stores:

  • REI (South Side Works)

  • Exkursion (Monroeville) - more technical gear, more knowledgeable staff, and a 10% discount with Explorers Club membership card store closed :(

Explorers Club Hiking Chairs

Thatcher Montgomery (

I'm a sophomore technical writing major. I grew up in Washington State, and camping and backpacking were staples of my childhood. I love being outdoors, and over the past few years I've been hiking all along the west coast, including as far south as Mexico and north as Alaska, ran on countless miles of trail, gone swimming in glacial lakes, and conquered a few mountains. Moving out east and into a city was a big change, but it's still important to get out and explore!

Noah Fatsi (

I am a Statistics student in my Sophomore year here at Carnegie Mellon.  I like to hike, read, play music, eat tasty fruits and vegetables, and ride my bicycle.  I was raised in Richmond, Virginia, and have thoroughly enjoyed living in Pittsburgh, exploring the city, and of course, checking out the nearby hiking locations.

Jack Michalak (

I began my interest in hiking with many adventures across the United States. My dad bought an RV when I was extremely young, and we would spend four weeks every Summer visiting national and state parks, hiking through many beautiful parts of our country. I wasn't always able to explore the outdoors as much as I wanted to, and so I decided I would make a point of exploring more as a part of my time in college. We're blessed with really wonderful hiking opportunities around us here in Pennsylvania that in a sense I am extremely jealous of, coming from Orlando, Florida. I'm excited for more exploration!

Ben Towne (

I got started hiking in my home state of New Hampshire, a state with enough amazing natural beauty to get me hooked.  I've climbed a number of the state's peaks including the *real* Mt. Washington, which is much more challenging than Pittsburgh's old Coal Hill.  I enjoy hiking in PA as well as other states and countries, including a 7-month travel and backpacking trip in Europe a few years back. If there's somewhere you want to go (see suggestions above) just put out a note to explorers-hiking and let's make it happen!

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