DS Vitality

DS: Vitality

Thanks to everyone who came out and helped make DS: Vitality a success!

Huge thanks to our choreographers: Jeanette Pong, Karon Hawkins, Emily Wein, Sherry Hsu, Madeleine Hyde, Suzz Glennon, Mohona Sengupta, Simran Jobanputra, Chris Shon, Abby Stevenson, Himali Ranade, Hyeon Ju Song, Ashley Lee, Julia Luo, Jennifer Song, Sarah Deluty, Abby Stevenson, Jilisa McCullough, Daniel See, Leann Bahi, Nakul Garg, and Steffen Holm!

Special shout-out to Soonho Kwon and Brian Tao for photography, Julia Luo for design, Douglas Qian for our promo video, and our awesome outside orgs: CMU Street Styles, CMU Bhangra, ASA Dance, Lambda Phi Epsilon Step, KPop Dance Club, and CMU Tricking Club!

If you weren't able to make it out this semester, our livestream is up on CMUTV here!

DS: Impulse

Thanks so much to everyone who came out for DS: Impulse!

A big thank you to our choreographers: Tushar Gabhane, Emily Wein, Angie Wang, Emily Wu, Margaret Edwards, Sean Xiao, Elisabeth Iszauk, Victoria Van Benschoten, Beata Purvina, Sarah Wang, Terrence Mims, Jeanette Pong, Christpoher Shon, Roosha Mandal, Himali Ranada, Julia Luo, Olivia Bosquet, Albert Du, Angie Wang, Jilisa McCullough, Kristina Banh, Sandy Jiang, Maggie Lyu and Jackie Jiang!

Special thanks to Soonho Kwon and Brian Tao for photography, Julia Luo for design, and Amy Chen for our promo video!

If you missed the show, check out the livestream on CMUTV here!

DS Impulse
DS Gravity

DS: Gravity

Thanks to everyone who came out for DS: Gravity!

Shout out to our choreographers: Sabrina Clarke, Sabrina Liu, Chris Shon, Terrence Mims, Karon Hawkins, Katherine Wang, Michelle Cho, Rochelle Samuel, Sang Xu, Alexis DeLaRosa, Karin Tsai, Tushar Gabhane, Jenna Reynolds, Amy Lee, Jeanette Pong, Michelle Hamilton, Jennifer Song, Jade Schiffer, Yiyi Zhao, Michaelina McGee, Regine Choi, Jackie Lee, and Olivia Bosquet!

Thanks to Soonho Kwon for photography, Jackie Chou for design, and Amy Chen for this promo video!

If you missed the show, check us out on CMUTV here!

DS: Vibe

Thanks to everyone who came out to DS: Vibe! We think our groovy moves left everyone feeling ~~~good vibes only~~~

Thank you to our choreographers: Lisa Natale, Sarah Deluty, Chris Shon, Terrence Mims, Sabrina Liu, Albert Du, Rochelle Samuel, Madeleine Hyde, Alexis DeLaRosa, Jackie Jiang, Maggie Lyu, Jilisa McCullough, Emily Giedzinski, Amy Lee, Suzz Glennon, Jade Crockem, Yiyi Zhao, Julia Luo, Amy Chen, Sarah Moss-Horwitz, Regine Choi, Chaya Wurman, Leann Bahi, Kristina Banh, and Olivia Bosquet!

Shoutout to Brian Tao, Soonho Kwon, and Jeremy Xue for photography, and to Dan See for design!

Check out this promo video made by Amy Chen!

If you missed the show, rewatch it through CMUTV here!

DS Vibe
DS Flux
Photography: The Thistle

DS: Flux

Another semester, another successful DS show!

Thank you to our choreographers: Feyi Quadri, Karin Tsai, Ivana Stevens, Himali Ranade, Emily Giedzinski, Sang Xu, Jade Schiffer, Amy Chen, Taisha Vargas, Alexis DeLaRosa, Yiyi Zhao, Regine Choi, Terrence Mims, Gail Wilson, Leann Bahi, Yuyan Sun, Michelle Cho, Elisa Pabon, Madeleine Hyde, Julia Luo, Amy Lee, Ashley Lee, Jilisa McCullough, Jackie Lee, and Lisa Natale.

Special thanks to Jason Chen and Chloe Chia for photography and Deborah Lee for design.

Check out this promo video made by Elisa Pabon!

Open Classes

Every week, DS holds open classes in a variety of styles. Everyone is encouraged to come to open classes, even if you have never danced before. They are a great, no-commitment experience to be introduced to dance and the DS community. Infra Dance Company also holds open class every week.

Check back in the spring for the open class schedule and to sign up to teach an open class!

Look how happy everyone was that they went to Sohee's open class!

Open Class
DS Ignite
Photography: The Thistle

DS: Ignite

Our fall show was a success! With over 400 people in attendance each night and a special Friday surprise, we'd say DS: Ignite was pretty good.

If you couldn't make it, be sure to check us out next semester!

Special thanks to AKG Photography and Angelina Namkung for photography and Deborah Lee for design.

Check out this promo video made by Elisa Pabon!

DS: Rewind

We hope you enjoyed the show and our special throwback theme for our 25th anniversary show! Thank you to all our dancers, choreographers, and alumni for making our 25th birthday so special.

Special thanks to Jose Mario Lopez for photography and Lily Fulop for design.

Check out this promo video made by Mindy Pile!

DS Rewind

25th Anniversary

25th Anniversary

We celebrated DS's 25th anniverary in the spring with a flash mob, a picture campaign, a special throwback show theme, and a formal event at the Porch! We're so proud of our organization for being strong for 25 years.

Shoutout to all our members, current and past, who made DS what it is today. Alumni--don't forget to sign up to our alumni database to stay in touch with DS!

Check out this video celebrating our 25th anniversary!

25th Anniversary