About Soulstylz

Soulstylz is a hip-hop dance crew at Carnegie Mellon University. Members of Soulstylz perform to our own original choreography, and many of us also specialize in hip-hop freestyle. The crew's focus is on developing and highlighting the unique styles of each of our dancers. As a subgroup of Dancers’ Symposium, we are featured in the DS show at the end of every semester. We also appear in various other performances on campus, including our crew showcase every fall and Lunar Gala in the spring.



Fall '20 - Spring '21 dancers: Amelia Chan, Karin Tsai, Christina Di, Heeyun Choi, Kristine Kim, Lili Chang, Meredith Liou, Mohamed Elhag, Winfred Wang, Yooha Kim, Terrence Mims, Albert Du, Vicky Jung, Rachel Park, Sherry Hsu, Jenny Lee.

For more information on how to join this fierce group, click here.

Soulstylz Around Campus

Soulstylz members teach many of the open classes held by DS every week. Soul also performs in Community Collage and other shows on campus and around Pittsburgh, as well as our annual showcase.

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DS: Ignite
Soulstylz at DS: Flux
Soul Showcase
"1" Soulstylz Showcase
DS: Vibe
Soulstylz in DS: Vibe
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Contact Us

If you have any questions about Soulstylz or the audition process, feel free to email us at soulstylzcmu@gmail.com.