Dancer Auditions

  • Due to COVID-19, We're changing our audition process slightly this semester.
  • Please stay tuned for more information to come!
  • In a regular semester, auditions are usually held on Saturday of the second week of school in Rangos Ballroom.
  • Check-in for tap starts at 10:30am, with tap auditions starting at 11am.
  • Check-in for general auditions starts at 11am, with general auditions starting promptly at 12pm.
  • Please let us know if you are unable to attend general auditions, as we do hold makeup auditions in advance

Process Breakdown:

  • Directors introduce themselves and discuss audition process
  • Each choreographer shows a portion of their piece
  • Directors teach a short audition piece (~32 counts), combining hip-hop and contemporary styles
  • Dancers have time to practice and complete preference sheet
  • Dancers perform in groups, and are free to leave after dancing
  • Choreographers request dancers and Directors match rankings with choreographers' requests

Audition Tips

Dress comfortably in clothes and shoes (or no shoes) that you can move in. Warm up and loosen your muscles. No particular level of ability, or any past dance experience at all, is required. Feel free to go up to choreographers and let them know you're interested in their piece! And don't forget to smile!

Fall '17

For Choreographers

All dancers who have been involved in DS for at least one semester are welcome to audition to choreograph their own piece! At choreographer auditions, you will explain the vision for their piece and show a portion of it to the Directors. The Directors will then decide whether to take the piece based on the overall wellness of the show. Choreographer auditions occur about one week before dancer auditions. If you have any questions, feel free to contact a director.

For Outside Organizations

Any outside organization that wishes to perform in the DS show should email They will audition during Checkpoint, which falls on April 1st and 2nd this semester.

Soulstylz Auditions

Soulstylz auditions occur in the first few weeks of each semester. All prospective members of Soulstylz must also be in DS. Spring auditions have passed, but check back in the fall to see when and where auditions for Soulstylz will be for next semester!

Spring '19