Smallpox vaccination, 1931

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History of Freeland, Pa.
Physicians, 20th-21st century

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  • Physicians from memory and ads
  • Physicians listed in directories, 1900-1940
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Smallpox vaccination, 1931 This and the image at top left show that Dr. Roy Truckenmiller successfully vaccinated this first-grader against smallpox in 1931. Decades earlier there was a smallpox scare in Freeland, and like other communities all over the country we subsequently vaccinated our children as a preventive measure.


Dr. John P. Amentler, MD - 831 South St.

Dr. Robert W. Baran, DO - 607 Centre St.

Dr. J. E. Barsby, M.D. - 700 Main St. (1922 ad from Ed Merrick)

Dr. Neil J. Devers - 819 Front St., physician (age 55 in 1940 Census) - Dr. N. J. Devers, Freeland (from Billy Kuklis, 1932 FPD Ball program)

Dr. Matthew Drogowski, M.D. - 702 Centre St.

Keep Baby Well Free Clinic ac, 1925 Dr. S. A. Everett - 523 Centre St. - This ad for his Keep Baby Well Free Clinic is from 1925.

Dr. Harold B. Fear - 513 Washington St., physician, private practice (age 32 in 1940 Census)

Dr. Herman H. Feissner, Jr., M.D. - 634 Centre St.

Dr. J. F. Gallagher, M.D. - 631 Centre St.

Dr. George B. Hudak - 406 Washington St., physician, own practice (age 41 in 1940 Census)

Dr. Gabriel Martyak, M.D. - 838 Washington St.

Dr. William McHugh - 219 Carbon St., physician, own practice (age 44 in 1940 Census)

Dr. Leocadia T. Prawdzik, MD - 607 Centre St.

1931 smallpox vaccination certificate 1931 smallpox vaccination certificate Dr. Roy Truckenmiller, M.D. - K of C building (1952 phone book)

Dr. David A. Verba (DDS) - 404 Ridge St.

Dr. Lotzi J. Vercusky, M.D. - 615 Centre St.

Rural Health Clinic - 404 Ridge St. (From Charlie Gallagher: There is also the Rural Health Clinic. This was in St. Ann’s Convent on Chestnut for many years, from the 1970’s through the early 2000’s. Now it's at the former Poleri Construction offices at 404 Ridge St.)

Thank you to Ed Merrick and Charlie Gallagher for additions/corrections.

Only one chiropractor listed at present:

Dr. Henry T. Mack - Freeland Road, Butler Township, chiropractor (age 34 in 1940 Census) – 1004 Centre St., formerly in the Refowich building (from Ed Merrick, 1951 ad)

Physicians listed in directories and maps, 1900-1940

1900-1901 city directory
Physicians in business listings:
Brackett, W. W., physician, Centre, Tel. 122
Garrison, Dr. W. J., physician and dentist
Kalb, physician, Centre
Neale, Dr. H. M., physician, Centre, Upper Lehigh, Tel. 122
Portser, I., physician, Centre
Schilcher, Dr. F., physician and drugs, Centre
Thomason, W. P. O., physician, Tel. 122, Centre
Wentz, Geo. S., physician, Centre

1912 telephone directory
Physicians in general listings:
Dickinson Dr Chas S, r – 175 S Centre
Neale Dr H M, Office – Upper Lehigh
Neale Dr H M, Office – Centre
Redelin Dr A A, Physician – Centre
Truckenmiller Dr R, Physician – 136 Centre
Wentz Dr G L, Physician – Drifton

1917 telephone directory
Physicians in general listings:
Devers, N. J. - 512 Centre
Dickinson, Charles S. - 212 Front
Everett, S. A. - 613 S. Centre
Mayberry, A. P., Phys. - S. Main, Drifton
Mays, Thos H., Phys. - Refowich Bl.
Neale, H. M., Phys. - Upper Lehigh
Neale, H. M., Phys. - 5 Centre
Redelin, A. A., Phys. - 4 Centre
Truckenmiller, R., Phys. - 413 Centre

1921-1922 city directory
Physicians in business listings:
Devers, Neil J. – 516 Centre
Dickinson, Charles S. – 634 Centre
Everett, Shen A. – 613 Centre
Mays, Thomas H. – Refowich Bldg.
Neale, Henry M. – 634 Centre
Redelin, Albert A. – 634 Centre
Rutter, Everett W. – 931 Centre
Truckenmiller, Roy – Birkbeck Bldg.

1928-1929 city directory
Physicians in business listings:
Devers, Neil J., 608 Centre
Everett, Shem A., 402 Adam
Mays, Thomas H., 4-5 Refowich Bldg., 533 Centre
Neale, Henry M., 634 Centre
Redelin, Albert A., Pollakoff Bldg., 521 Centre
Truckenmiller, Roy, 602 Centre

1940 city directory
Physicians in business listings:
Devers, Neil J. - 68 Centre
Drogowski, Wm. J. - 702 Centre
Everett, Shem. A. - 42 Adam
Fear, Harold B. - 612 Main
Feissner, Herman H. - 523 Centre
Gallagher, Jas. F. - 533 Centre
Hudock, Geo. B. - 632 Centre
Lindsay, Jno. W. (osteopathic) - 626 Front
Truckenmiller, Roy - 602 Centre
Vercusky, Lotzi J. - 617 Centre

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