About Us
Who We Are

We are a motivated group of Carnegie Mellon students who use our interests and abilities to aid the local and global refugee cause.

Who We Work With

We help with the local refugee population, consisting predominately of Somalis. But we also work increasingly with Burundi and Burmese people.

We often work in conjunction with other organizations, including FORGE-Pitt, Jewish Family and Children Services, and Amnesty International. We believe in establishing a strong sense of community among volunteers and then using that community to go out and help Pittsburgh.

What We Do
  1. Help with the refugee resettlement program (through Jewish Family and Children Services) – we welcome refugees, go into their homes, help them with English, and teach them how to maintain their new space.
  2. Teach English to international high school students.
  3. Organize outreach events, including soccer games, art projects, and meals with refugees.

We hold campus events to bring people together and inform them about the cause:

  1. We have concerts featuring local and nationally known bands.
  2. We show documentaries and prepare refugee camp style meals to make the experience more tangible to the campus community.
  3. We sell CDs, food, and screen-printed tee shirts that we make.
  4. We sponsor book drives.
  5. We display art and posters all over campus to advocate our cause.

We also are involved in national campaigns, like “Baridi Night: A Night Without Blankets” (with guest lecturers, bands, and artwork to raise awareness and funds for the cause), and do other fundraisers.

Come to our weekly meetings! Check the calendar for the time and place.