Americana classics with a
clean twist

As someone who really enjoys her hunk of meat - it means something when I say that this is genuinely the of the best vegetarian/vegan food I've ever had and hands down is the best vegetarian/vegan restaurant I've been to.

Their vegan buffalo wings are better than real buffalo wings


Oh so good,
and oh so hard to resist

It's been a minute since I've been here, but if memory serves this place had pies to rival my mom's (and that's no joke, my momma has a fierce pie crusting hand), like many of the things on this list - whatever you get is likely going to be an amazing decision.

an assortment of pies


Excellent, cheap,
responsibly sourced

Food is the cheapest way to travel the world, and this place really takes you there. I still have dreams about the enchiladas I got from here about 5 years ago. This place reaaaaally sticks with you.

sassy eggs from over easy cafe


This place...don't even
get me started with it...

Honey Butter Chicken is the stuff of dreams. Seriously. Their pimento mac & cheese is absolutely earth shattering and their chicken is too. So are their biscuits actually. And their slaw...yeah pretty much everything here is a win.

The mac & cheese is insane


A true & tried classic
a bit expensive, but worth
every penny

Just thinking about this place makes me miss Chicago... they have all your American/ British comfort food needs, try to go for brunch when the menu is cheapest but definitely bring a friend.

cheese plate from Owen & Engine


Lunch and European pastries

Nestled in Licoln Park, this place is very cute and has some really tasty stuff to offer... They have small sandwiches, soups, and more pastries than you could ask for - don't miss out on the almond croissant or chocolate pot de creme...

Floriole food spread