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Frequently Asked Questions

I thought this was Take our DAUGHTERS to Work Day - why Sons?

After 10 successful years of Take Our Daughters to Work, the Ms Foundation launched a new program to incorporate both boys and girls in 2003, with the theme of "A New Generation At Work".  Please see the Ms Foundations 's  Take Our Daughters and Sons To Work Day FAQ for detailed answers to this question. Since 2003, Carnegie Mellon's program incorporates both daughters and sons.

How can I purchase lunch tickets?

If you plan to take advantage of the lunch that is offered, you must reserve lunch via the registration form. All lunch options are $5 and the lunch tickets can be picked up either at the UC tables near Connan on designated days or at the registration table on the day of the event. More information will follow after registration. The lunch options include: Chick Fil-A, pizza or a wrap (vegetarian or deli meat options). There is also an option to bring your own lunch or purchase a meal at a vendor on campus.

Do I have to attend all activities and purchase a lunch ticket?

A Parent/Guardian is required to accompany the participant to lunch. This person may also be the person to whom the child may be released. Please be aware that supervision by the Take Our Daughters and Sons To Work program will begin after lunch at 1pm. After lunch, the sessions will begin. There will be guides that will be supervising and walking the participants to the locations on campus. Parent/Guardians are not required to join, however, if you are interested in becoming a session guide, please contact Gloria Gruber.

Is my daughter or son the right age to participate in the program? 

The tracks and activities are designed for girls and boys ages 8 to 15. Tracks are divided by age (8-11 years old and 12-15 years old). When the participants are not attending the planned program (free recreational time, lunch program or tracks), they will be spending the day shadowing you, meeting your co-workers, and helping you with your work day.


Updated 4/1/2014

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