Whether you are a corporate representative or individual donor, sponsoring The Triple Helix through a tax-deductible donation is an excellent way to support and contribute to a large-scale educational, scientific, entrepreneurial, and community-oriented cause that impacts and reaches thousands of dedicated students across the United States. The Triple Helix engages not only in academic conferences, various workshops, and the educational process of producing a scholarly journal, but our efforts also go towards benefitting our communities and the next generation of student writers and leaders by providing guidance and mentorship for secondary school students in journalism and leadership.

Current Sponsors

  • The Triple Helix at Carnegie Mellon University would sincerely like to thank the following groups and individuals for their generous and continued support:

  • Carnegie Mellon Student Senate

  • Carnegie Mellon Joint Funding Committee

  • Dr. Kunal Ghosh, Assistant Head for Undergraduate Affairs and Teaching Professor of Physics

  • Dr. Gregg Franklin and the Department of Physics at Carnegie Mellon University

  • Professor Karen Stump and the Department of Chemistry at Carnegie Mellon University

  • Dr. Maggie Braun, Dr. Nathan Urban, and the Department of Biological Sciences at Carnegie Mellon University

  • Dr. Eric Grotzinger, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Affairs in the Mellon College of Science

  • Mellon College of Science at Carnegie Mellon

  • Kaplan