I started this organization after working in the South African clinic we now sponsor. I was amazed at the insufficient health care and knowledge available to the people that live in this village, yet truly inspired by the dedication and hope of all the people that work for WWS (the clinic that we sponsor.) The great thing about Vaalwater, South Africa is that the village is relatively small, so a little bit can make a difference.

This organization, besides education the Carnegie Mellon and Pittsburgh community about the worldwide AIDS crisis, is helping to make that difference. I am consistently amazed by the dedication of the organizationís members, none of whom (excluding me) have ever been to South Africa. It is out of the goodness of their hearts that they contribute time and energy in the midst of what is supposed to be one of the most selfish points in their life to help people they have never met or seen.

And in return, we see our money go to work. Since I left Vaalwater in 2004, the town has progressed so much: there is now a respite center, after school programs, more home-based health care, and even some people starting on drug therapy! (We did not fund all these things, but have put people on drug therapy.) This organization is the thing that makes me most proud about my life. It is a cause that I will continue to fight for long after I leave Carnegie Mellon, and, as I am sure, so will SHARE.



I am very interested in AIDs and Africa. I volunteered with AIDs patients in high school, which lit the spark to continue working with any cause that benefits AIDs victims.

Wendy Niedelman

Vice President


Cara Heller