To fundraise to buy the necessary items to help support the Waterburg Welfare Society while raising awareness on campus about the prevalence and severity of the Sub-Saharan AIDS crisis, to this we cause we strive.

Article 1: NAME

The name of the organization will be Students Helping AIDS Relief and Education. Its acronym will be SHARE. SHARE has two intents. The first is to increase the awareness and understanding of AIDS around the Carnegie Mellon University community; SHARE intends to convey how the AIDS virus is contracted and the pervasiveness and severity of the epidemic worldwide. Our second intent is to raise money for the Waterberg Welfare Society, an organization located in the rural area of Vaalwater, South Africa. The Waterberg Welfare Society has initiated AIDS awareness, education, testing and prevention drugs as well as food and basic health care to those afflicted with the virus.

Article 2: PURPOSE

Statement of purpose: SHARE will be a non-profit organization that will hold only self-sustaining events whose proceeds will go to providing an African AIDS related philanthropy with financial, medical and/or nutritional support.

Article 3: OFFICERS

  1. The executive officers of SHARE shall be president, vice president, secretary, finance chair, local outreach chair, logistics chair, and publicity chair. The officers will serve for a term of one year. The term of office shall begin no later than the last week in April. # The officers shall serve as the executive board and shall have such powers and duties as are described in the Bylaws of the SHARE. Any officer failing to perform their duties as outlined shall resign and a successor, designated by an election or as provided in Article 3:3. # When an officer vacancy occurs, it shall be the responsibility of the executive board to conduct an election with two weeks of the vacancy. In the case of the president, the vice president shall fulfill the duties of the president up until the time of election.


  1. MEMBERSHIP: SHARE will be composed of any member of the Carnegie Mellon Community who wishes to join.


  1. General meetings: SHARE will hold one general meeting biweekly. General meetings will be held at a time and place designated by the executive board at the beginning of the university semester.
  2. Special meetings: A special meeting may be called by the president when necessary. The president shall notify members 36 hours prior to the special meeting.