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1.) To run the FEA on the bracket select 'Solution' -> 'Solve' -> 'Current LS':

it may take up to a minute to solve..but when its finished you will see:

and your bracket will look like this:


3.) To see the deformed shape of the bracket select 'General Postproc' -> 'Plot Results' -> 'Deformed Shape' click OK on the window that appears and your bracket should look something like this::



2.) To get various results for the bracket select 'General Postproc' -> 'Plot Results' -> 'Contour Plot' -> 'Nodal Solu':


To see the stress in the X direction select the following:



use the 'Pan/Zoom/Rotate' tool  to get see the 3d stresses. Notice MX and MN locate maximum and minumum stresses


or stress in the Y direction:

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