CMU Grappling Club

Come Roll With Us

Welcome to the Carnegie Mellon University Grappling Club! We provide a place for all members of the community to practice grappling martial arts in a safe and fun atmosphere.

The club is designed for people of every size, strength, gender, and experience level. Our techniques are designed to employ maximum leverage and efficiency in order to be effective against larger and stronger opponents.

Our workouts are physically demanding, but we will always adapt them so that anyone of any physical condition can participate. Practicing with us will improve your strength, endurance, and flexibility with each workout.

All Experience Levels Welcome

Some of our members are complete beginners; others have more than a decade of experience in the martial arts. Regardless of experience level, all members learn from each other and mutually improve their ability.

We especially welcome those with experience in other martial arts. Many of our members have experience in other martial arts as well. Those with previous experience will find themselves exposed to a different approach to the martial arts. They will be shown some unique techniques and asked to share some of their own. Our club never looks down upon other martial arts. We understand that we are merely one martial art out of many equally important ones. Arrogance has no place at our club.

We welcome you to stop by and train with us this week. Our club is always open to you. There is no need to sign up beforehand. Just stop by during one of our practices and say hi.