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Do I need previous experience with grappling or other martial arts?

No. Many of our members had never grappled before joining our club. We welcome all experience levels.

Does the CMU Grappling Club cost anything?

We ask that members contribute dues (25$) each semester in order to help pay for outside instruction and new equipment. The dues will help us to grow our club and raise the level of instruction that we can provide.

When and where does the CMU Grappling Club meet?

Check out the schedule page to see the current semester schedule. We meet in the multipurpose room in Skibo gym (what used to be the weight room).

What should I wear to the CMU Grappling Club?

The CMU Grappling Club practices gi (Monday) and no-gi (Thursday) grappling. If you don't own a gi, simply wear comfortable workout clothes. We have a few club gis that we can lend out. Eventually, you may want to purchase your own gi, and we can work with you on that.

What is a gi?

A gi (kimono) is the uniform worn by martial artists. We wear them to simulate clothing when practicing techniques. Any kind of gi will work, but we recommend specifically a Jiu-Jitsu or judo gi.

How does the CMU Grappling Club practice?

CMU Grappling Club members typically practice by warming up, technique instruction/lecture, drilling specific techniques/positions, and then sparring.

Is the CMU Grappling Club dangerous?

The CMU Grappling Club prides itself on its commitment to the safety of its members. However, there is always risk inherent in submission grappling.

Does the CMU Grappling Club allow leg locks, neck/spine cranks, or hard slams?

No. These are strictly prohibited for safety of our members.

Does the CMU Grappling Club practice takedowns?

Yes. We practice takedowns from wrestling, Judo, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Do I need special equipment to attend the CMU Grappling Club?

Since the CMU Grappling Club does not involve hard striking, no additional safety equipment is mandatory. Mouthguards, groin protectors, and grappling headgear are optional in case of accidental contact.

I have previous experience in wrestling, Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, Karate, Kung Fu, boxing, etc. Is the CMU Grappling Club for me?

Yes. The CMU Grappling Club encourages those with previous experience to attend. Those with grappling specific experience will be able to refine their techniques and acquire new ones. Those with non-grappling experience will learn how to supplement their previous martial arts experience with grappling techniques.

Can I be a member of the CMU Grappling Club and another martial arts organization simultaneously?

Absolutely. The CMU Grappling Club encourages its members to actively train in additional martial arts in order to broaden their abilities.

Does the CMU Grappling Club meet during the summer and winter semesters?

Yes. Be sure to check the schedule and the Facebook group for announcements.