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About CMU Grappling Club

Grappling Club is a place for all our members to come and practice ground-based fighting, mainly Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Some of us are complete beginners; others have more than a decade of experience in various martial arts. We welcome all experience levels. Even if you've never done anythink like this, don't be afraid to come by and try grappling with us. And if you're a seasoned martial artist, we welcome anything you'd like to share with us.

While our workouts are physically demanding, we will always adapt them so that anyone of any physical condition can participate. Practicing with us will improve your strength, endurance, and flexibility with each workout.

We all come to have fun, learn, and develop grappling skills. Out system is relatively informal, without any ranking or belt system. If you're interested, you can just stop by a practice. (see schedule for practice times)

If you have any questions any member of our leadership will be happy to answer them. Check out the contact page for email addresses