Geometric Modeling and
Processing 2006

July 26 - 28, 2006, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
Sheraton Station Square Hotel



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  GMP2006 Papers  (the list is sorted alphabetically by title)

3D Facial Image Recognition using Nose Volume and Curvature based Eigenface

            Yeunghak Lee, Ikdong Kim and Jaechang Shim


A Method for FEA-based Design of Heterogeneous Objects

            Ki-Hoon Shin


A New Class of Non-stationary Interpolatory Subdivision Schemes based on Exponential Polynomials

            Yoo-Joo Choi, Yeon-Ju Lee, Jungho Yoon, Byoung-Gook Lee and Young J. Kim


A Step towards Automated Design of Side Actions in Injection Molding of Complex Parts

            Ashis Banerjee and Satyandra Gupta


Adaptive Fourier-based Surface Reconstruction

            Oliver Schall, Alexander Belyaev and Hans-Peter Seidel


An Efficient Implementation of RBF-based Progressive Point-Sampled Geometry

            Yong-Jin Liu, Kai Tang and Ajay Joneja


Approximate $\mu$-Bases of Rational Curves and Surfaces

            Liyong Shen, Falai Chen, Bert Juettler and Jiansong Deng


Automatic extraction of surface structures in digital shape reconstruction

            Tamas Varady, Michael A. Facello and Zsolt Terek


Composite sqrt(2) Subdivision Surfaces

            Guiqing Li and Weiyin Ma


Computation of Normals for Stationary Subdivision Surfaces

            Hiroshi Kawaharada and Kokichi Sugihara


Computing a family of skeletons of volumetric models for shape description

            Tao Ju, Matthew Baker and Wah Chiu


Constructing Regularity Feature Trees for Solid Models

            Ming Li, Frank Langbein and Ralph Martin


Control point removal algorithm for T-spline surfaces

            Yimin Wang and Jianmin Zheng


Density-Controlled Sampling of Parametric Surfaces Using Adaptive Space-Filling Curves

            Jonathan Quinn, Frank Langbein, Ralph Martin and Gershon Elber


Detection of feature lines in a point cloud by combination of first order segmentation and graph theory

            Kris Demarsin, Denis Vanderstraeten, Tim Volodine and Dirk Roose


Displaced Surface From a Manifold

            Seung-Hyun Yoon


Efficient Piecewise Linear Approximation of Bézier Curves with Improved Sharp Error Bound

            Weiyin Ma and Renjiang Zhang


Ensembles for Normal and Surface Reconstructions

            Mincheol Yoon, Yunjin Lee, Seungyong Lee, Ioannis Ivrissimtzis and Hans-Peter Seidel


Feature Detection Using Curvature Maps and the Min-Cut/Max-Flow Algorithm

            Timothy Gatzke and Cindy Grimm


Finding All Undercut-Free Parting Directions for Extrusions

            Xiaorui Chen and Sara McMains


Finding Mold-Piece Regions Using Computer Graphics Hardware

            Alok Kumar Priyadarshi and Satyandra Kumar Gupta


Geometric Modeling of Nano Structures with Periodic Surfaces

            Yan Wang


Geometrical Mesh Improvement Properties of Delaunay Terminal Edge Refinement

            Maria Cecilia Rivara and Bruce Simpson


Geometry Accuracy Analysis for Discrete Surface Approximation

            Junfei Dai, Wei Luo, Shing-Tung Yau and Xianfeng David Gu


Hierarchically Partitioned Implicit Surfaces For Interpolating Large Point Set Models

            David Chen, Bryan Morse, Bradley Lowekamp and Terry Yoo


Improved Spectral Sequencing for Triangle Meshes

            Rong Liu, Hao Zhang and Oliver van Kaick


Interactive Face-Replacements for Modeling Detailed Shapes

            Eric Landreneau, Ergun Akleman and John Keyser


Inverse Adaptation of Hex-dominant Mesh for Large Deformation Finite Element Analysis

            Arbtip Dheeravongkit and Kenji Shimada


Least--Squares Approximation by Pythagorean Hodograph Spline curves via an Evolution Process

            Martin Aigner, Zbynek Sir and Bert Jüttler


Manifold T-spline

            Ying He, Kexiang Wang, Miao Jin, Xianfeng Gu and Hong Qin


Matrix based Subdivision Depth Computation for Extra-Ordinary Catmull-Clark Subdivision Surface Patches

            Gang Chen and Fuhua (Frank) Cheng


Minimal Mean-Curvature-Variation Surfaces and Their Applications in Surface Modelling

            Guoliang Xu and Qin Zhang


Parametric design method for shapes with aesthetic free-form surfaces

            Tetsuo OYA, Takenori MIKAMI, Takanobu KANEKO and Masatake HIGASHI


Piecewise Developable Surface Approximation of General NURBS Surfaces, with Global Error Bounds

            Jacob Subag and Gershon Elber


Practical Polygonal Mesh Modeling with Discrete Gaussian-Bonnet Theorem

            Ergun Akleman and Jianer Chen


Preserving Form-Features in Interactive Mesh Deformation

            Hiroshi Masuda, Yasuhiro Yoshioka and Yoshiyuki Furukawa


Quadric Surface Extraction By Variational Shape Approximation

            Dong-ming Yan, Yang Liu and Wenping Wang


Representing Topological Structures Using Cell-Chains

            David Cardoze, Gary Miller and Todd Phillips


Robust Three-dimensional Registration of Range Images Using a New Genetic Algorithm

            John Branch, Flavio Prieto and Pierre Boulanger


Segmentation of Scanned Mesh into Analytic Surfaces based on Robust Curvature Estimation and Region Growing

            Tomohiro Mizoguchi, Hiroaki Date, Satoshi Kanai and Takeshi Kishinami


Segmenting Semi-rigid Low-resolution Molecular Surfaces

            Leonidas Guibas and Yusu Wang


Separated Medial Surface Extraction from CT Data of Machine Parts

            Tomoyuki Fujimori, Yohei Kobayashi and Hiromasa Suzuki


Shape Representations with Blossoms and Buds

            L. Yohanes Stefanus


Shape-Based Retrieval of Articulated 3D Models Using Spectral Embeddings

            Varun Jain and Richard Zhang


Simultaneous Precise Solutions to the Visibility Problem of Sculptured Models

            Joon-Kyung Seong, Gershon Elber and Elaine Cohen


Smoothing of meshes and point clouds using weighted geometry-aware bases

            Tim Volodine, Denis Vanderstraeten and Dirk Roose


Straightest Paths on Meshes By Cutting Planes

            Sungyeol Lee, Joonhee Han and Haeyouong Lee


Subdivision Termination Criteria in Subdivision Multivariate Solvers

            Iddo Hanniel and Gershon Elber


Surface Creation and Curve Deformations Between Two Complex Closed Spatial Spline Curves

            Joel Daniels II and Elaine Cohen


Surface Reconstruction for Efficient Colon Unfolding

            Sukhyun Lim, Hye-Jin Lee and Byeong-Seok Shin


Theoretically Based Robust Algorithms for Tracking Intersection Curves of Two Deforming Parametric Surfaces

            Xianming Chen, Richard Riesenfeld, Elaine Cohen and James Damon


Time-Varying Volume Geometry Compression with 4D Lifting Wavelet Transform

            Yan Wang and Heba Hamza


Tracking Point-Curve Critical Distances

            Xianming Chen, Elaine Cohen and Richard Riesenfeld


Tuned Ternary Quad Subdivision

            Tianyun Ni, Ahmad Nasri and Jorg Peters


Two-Dimensional Selections for Feature-Based Data Exchange

            Ari Rappoport, Steven Spitz and Michal Etzion


Verification of Engineering Models based on Bipartite Graph Matching for Inspection Applications

            Fabricio Fishkel, Anath Fischer and Sigal Ar


Voxelization of Free-form Solids Represented by Catmull-Clark Subdivision Surfaces

            Shuhua Lai and Fuhua (Frank) Cheng


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