Written by Ray Strobel

First presented in Alpha Phi Omega Chapter meeting, September 8, 1994

Sing to tune of Animaniacs theme song

It's time for school at CMU,
And this place is like a zoo,
So just study till you spew,
'cause there's nothing else to do,
It's school at CMU!

Come join the stressed-out students
As they try to do their work.
The teachers are all clueless,
And the T.A. is a jerk.
My paper's due tomorrow

And the program doesn't work.
The hard drive crashed,
My roommate's trashed,
I'm going to go berzerk!

We're stressed at CMU.
Skibo's gone, the Yard is too.
It will be two-thousand-two
Before construction here is through.

It's school at CMU!

Meet this year's freshman class
Who'll slowly lose their sanity.
Mike Murphy and Mehrabian
Are off in Waikiki.
The geeks log into Andrew

Until Star Trek's on T.V.
The food is lame,
I'm not to blame,
All praise Chef Boy-ar-dee!

It's hell at CMU.
Our tuition won't come through.
We don't know what to do.
There's a lobster in our shoe.
It's school at CM-

Wouldn't wanna be 'em-
Ono-mato-poeia (ala Wakko)
Here at CMU.
Sucks to be you!

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