Oversubscribed Planning & Scheduling Workshop

In many planning and scheduling applications it is not possible to achieve all requested goals. For example, in space mission scheduling it may not be possible to observe all of the requested targets. Similarly, in manufacturing it may not be possible to fulfill all of the production orders. This workshop targets problems and techniques for planning and scheduling problems where it is not possible to achieve all of the problem goals. As such, it often includes representation of optimization, preferences, and/or cost to provide guidance as to desirability over partial solutions. The topics of discussion at this workshop include:

Important Dates

Deadline for papers:June 18, 2008 EXTENDED to June 25, 2008
Notification of acceptance:July 11, 2008 EXTENDED to July 25, 2008
Final revisions:July 25, 2008 EXTENDED to Aug 15, 2008
Workshop date:September 14, 2008


Program Committee