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History of Freeland, Pa.
Cigars, cigarettes, tobacco listed in directories 1882-1900

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  • Tobacco product sellers listed in directories, 1882-1900
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The Free-land cigar band at top left comes courtesy of the Freeland Historical Society.

Cigars, cigarettes, tobacco in listed in Freeland directories 1882-1900

Richard Morris confectionery, cigars, tobacco, 1882 ad Schilcher drug store, cigars for sale, 1882 ad 1882-1884 city directory
In business listings:
Passarella, Vincent, tobacconist, Centre near South

These two ads from the April 2, 1882 issue of the Freeland Progress come from Joan Buday. Cigars and tobacco were sold in various kinds of stores, including candy stores and drugstores. Neither Morris's confectionery nor Schilcher's drug store was listed under tobacco or cigars in the directories.

1884-1886 city directory
In business listings:
Passarella, Vincent, tobacconist, 48 S Centre

Daniel J. Kennedy, cigars and tobacco seller, 1890 ad 1889 mercantile directory
Gross, Mrs. Johanna - Clothing, B. & S. & Cigars & Tobacco
Koons, John - Green Gro., Cig. & Tob.
Pasarella, Vincent - Gro., Cig. & Tob.

An 1890 ad for Daniel J. Kennedy, Centre St., who sold cigars and tobacco as well as soda and candy. He wasn't listed in these directories under cigars or tobacco sellers.

1895 Freeland city directory
In business listings:
Fernan, Walter S., cigars, tobacco, etc., 17 Chestnut (or Fernau? - CT)

1897 city directory
In business listings:
Nutz, Edwin, cigars and tobacco, S Centre near Luzerne
Schack, Anton, cigars and tobacco, Centre corner Walnut

1897 city directory
In individual listings:
Krone, Henry, cigar maker, Birkbeck corner Johnson, h
Schack, Anton, cigars and tobacco, Centre corner Walnut, h w

1900-1901 city directory
In business listings:
Kushnerick Brothers, wholesale and retail dealers in confectionery and cigars, 134 Centre
Leichtman, M., confectionery and cigars, Centre
Merkt, M., cigars, fruits, candies, pipes, etc. (wholesale and retail), 19 Centre
Schach, Anton, confectionery and cigars, 30 Centre

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