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History of Freeland, Pa.
Business lists in directories, maps and newspapers

The Leading Business Houses of Freeland - Freeland Tribune, December 1897

Freeland Tribune 1897 list of leading Freeland businesses Freeland Tribune 1897 list of leading Freeland businesses This first set of 25 business descriptions was published on December 16, 1897. These two sets of business endorsements were published in the weeks before Christmas in 1897, partly to encourage people to shop at some of these businesses for presents, but also just to stimulate local business in general.

Freeland Tribune 1897 list of leading Freeland businesses Freeland Tribune 1897 list of leading Freeland businesses A further set of 23 more businesses were advertised a few days later on December 20, 1897.

Here's what I've figured out so far about the locations for these 1897 “Leading Businesses” descriptions:
Most of these 1897 endorsements give a location, but some don't, and those that do don't always give an address number. Using directories and Sanborn maps, I've put in brackets below what I think the addresses were, and in some cases the fuller names of the business people. Old addresses can often be deciphered using the maps on the Address numbering page, but for these business lists you don't need to go there because I've added both old and modern addresses in square brackets, when known.

Freeland Tribune, December 16, 1897

S. Senie, Philadelphia One-price Clothier, Birkbeck bldg. [Samuel Senie, clothing and dry goods, 26 Centre, now 606]
R. W. Jones, merchant tailoring, one door below Postoffice bldg. [Roland W., 8 N. Centre, now 710]
Wm. Williamson, Valley Novelty Ranges, office and warerooms Front & Washington [36-38 E. Front St., now 628]
M. Leightman, Wholesale and retail confectioner, Centre between Luzerne and Carbon “down town [138 Centre, now 328, Milton Leichtman]
City Drug Store, Medicines, toilet goods, sundries, M. E. Grover, location not given [59 Centre, now 515]
Gillespie & Curry, Dealers in fine groceries, centrally located on South Centre Street [John Gillespie and E. J. Curry, 86 Centre, now 438]
Mrs. R. Thompson, Millinery goods, dress-making, Centre Street above South [55 Centre, now 509 Centre]
George Fisher, Butcher and meat dealer, Walnut Street [if at 6 Walnut, now 732]
M. H. Hunsicker, Freeland’s leading hotel man, Central Hotel
Mrs. S. E. Hayes, Fire insurance, location not given [Sarah E. Hayes, widow of J. D., lived at 65 N. Washington, now ______]

Wm. Birkbeck, Hardware, stoves, plumbing, Birkbeck brick bldg.
W. L. Keiper, Jewelry and watchmaker, opposite Central Hotel [20 N. Centre, now 726]
New York Fish Co., Fish and oysters, under the Central Hotel
Malloy’s Bazaar, Groceries and provisions, Zemany’s bldg., east Main Street [19-21 E. Main, now 707-705]
George T. Brown, Attorney and Solicitor at Law, Birkbeck brick, second floor
Butterwick’s, Jewelry, watches, clocks, no loc given [1 E. Front, now 741]
Bee-hive Shoe Store, Boots, shoes and rubber boots, J. L. Owen, no loc given [poss. E. 22 Main, between Centre and Washington]
S. Wenner & Sons, Grocers and provision dealers, corner Centre and Luzerne [poss. 115 Centre, now 407]
John Rippel, Baker and confectioner, Fackler bldg., south Centre St. [poss. 115 Centre, now 407]
John E. McHugh, Real estate agent, Birkbeck brick, third floor
Frank O’Donnell, Livery, sale and exchange stable, Centre Street near trolley car terminus [later at what’s now 444 Centre]
R. DePierro, Restaurant, managed by Albert DePierro, Ridge Street [56 Ridge, later 520]
Libor Winter, Restaurant and oyster saloon, loc not given [15 E. Front, now 719]
P. F. McNulty, Undertaker and embalmer, loc not given [Patrick F. McNulty, 82 S. Centre, now 442 – this is the location shown in the 1886 photo!]
Francis Brennan, Saloon and restaurant, 151 south Centre Street [now 319, between Carbon and Luzerne streets]

Freeland Tribune, December 20, 1897

M. Refowich, Wear Well Shoe House, loc not given [55 S. Centre, now 523]
Daniel Gill, Mr. and Mrs. Gill, Dry goods, dress goods, fancy goods, loc not given [56 Centre, [56 Centre, now 510]
James J. Sweeney, Gents’ furnishings and hats, Centre Street near Main [35 S. Centre, now 535]
Mrs. J. Mathers [not Mathews], Millinery and ladies goods, loc not given [Helen Mathers, 48 or 46 Centre, now 524]
Hart, the English Tailor, Clothier, hatter and furnisher, Refowich’s old stand [Isaac Hart, 37 S. Centre, now 533]
Joseph Birkbeck, Hardware and stoves, 18 Centre Street next to Central Hotel [original Birkbeck hardware store, established 1889 – now 620 Centre]
A. Oswald, Groceries and provisions, his own building at Front and Centre streets [2 N. Centre, now 702]
Nicholas Capece, Confectionery, fruits, nuts, loc not given [69 S. Centre, now 451]
J. C. Berner, General store, corner of South and Washington streets [John C., Washington corner South; 60 S. Washington, now 460]
Dr. N. Maley, Dentist, Birkbeck brick

Joseph D. Myers, Cabinet-maker and upholsterer, Washington street [general repair shop, 709 S. Washington, now 160]
J. B. Laubach, Fine confectionery, no loc given [22 S. Centre, now 730]
T. Campbell, Groceries, provisions, dry goods, corner of Main and Centre [30, 32, 34 S. Centre, now 542 and Balon building]
DePierro Bros., Café, corner of Centre and Front [2-4 S. Centre, now 636]
Condy O. Boyle, Liquor dealer, 98 Centre Street [94, now 422]
Mrs. R. A. Dodson, Newsdealer and stationer, Walnut Street [Ruth, 8-10 E. Walnut, now between 732 and 722, building gone in 1923]
John M. Carr, Attorney and Notary Public, Postoffice bldg., second floor
G. Horack, Baker and confectioner, Centre Street below South [near Luzerne, probably 109 S. Centre, now 413]
George McLaughlin, Attorney at Law, Birkbeck brick
Edward Murphy, Saloonist, corner of Main and Centre streets [either 1 E. Main or 31 S. Centre, latter now 539 Centre] H. M. Breslin, Funeral director, corner of Washington and Luzerne streets [not showing on maps at that location, but in 1895 directory he’s at 115 Centre, now 407, so later would be McNulty’s]
Chas. Orion Stroh, Lawyer, no loc given [Birkbeck brick, 28 S. Centre, now 602]
C. D. Rohrbach, Hardware, south Centre Street [128 Centre, now 338]

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