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Fall 2005 - Developmental Biology
This course is an introduction to modern developmental biology, with an emphasis on the embryonic development of multicellular animals.
Please contact Dr. Charles Ettensohn for more information.

Fall 2005 - Advanced Developmental Biology
(taught jointly by Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh)
Please contact Dr. Charles Ettensohn for more information.

Fall 2005 - Computational Molecular Biology and Genomics
This course is an advanced introduction to computational molecular biology, using an applied algorithms approach. This course will survey established algorithmic methods, including pairwise sequence alignment and dynamic programming, multiple sequence alignment, fast database search heuristics, hidden Markov models for molecular motifs, phylogeny reconstruction and gene finding.

Spring 2006 - Computational Molecular Biology: A Machine Learning Approach
The course focuses on modern machine learning methodologies for computational problems in molecular biology and genetic, including probabilistic modeling, inference and learning algorithms, pattern recognition, data fusion, time series analysis, etc.
Please contact Dr. Ziv Bar-Joseph for more information.


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Friday afternoons, ongoing. Please contact Dr. Debbie Chapman for more information.



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